720940 GPS Unit

Function GPS data acquisition (latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, moving direction and GPS information), DL350 time synchronization 
Measurement accuracy *1 Horizontal position: 15 m or less (GPS information/SA=OFF/PDOP≦3)
Speed: 1 m/s (GPS information/SA=OFF/PDOP≦3)
Following performance Altitude: −500 to +18000 mSpeed: 1800 km/h or less
Acceleration: 2 G or less
Measurement resolution Latitude and longitude: 1 μ°Altitude: 0.1 m, 1 m
Speed: 0.01 km/h, 0.1 km/hDirection: 0.01°
*1: The specification values may not be attained depending on the measurement location, environment and measurement time.
The GPS unit can only be supplied to countries where it is not prohibited by local radio laws.

Training Videos


    Watch a step-by-step walkthrough of using the GPS features of the DL350 ScopeCorder portable data acquisition system.

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