AQ1100 Optical Loss Test Set


This firmware is intended to upgrade the AQ1100 to the latest version.

Revision History

Version Content
R01.12 [Major changes]
  • Support of the inspection probe DI-1000(Lightel).
  • Add the selections of level scale unit to the graph display of logging function.
  • Fix a bug related to folder copy in file operation menu.
R01.11 [Improved function]
  • Add a function of indicator work completing.
[New feature]
  • Add a capability to display graph of logging data for LS/OPM
  • Before measurement with low temperature out of specification, OTDR warmup is done.
  • Add a vertical cursor
  • Add a remote control command which is SOR/CSV data sending
    *ability of getting current wave form as SOR by remote controller.
  • USB storage function adapts to Windows 7
  • Adapt to USB printer of 2009/2010 model(HP/EPSON)



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Version R01.12
Release Date Jul 13, 2018
File Name 3.36 MB


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光损耗测试套件 AQ1100 MFT-OLTS