WTViewerEFree for WT3000E

The WTViewerEFree is a free software for WT3000E, Precision Power Analyzer. In order to use the instruments easily & quickly, and to gather measured data into a PC smoothly, easy operation and a tool is required. This software will supply an powerful and useful measurement environment for users.

You can use the software to connect the WT3000E series to a PC and use the following features.

  • Retrieve, display, and save data that the WT3000E has measured and setup parameters.
  • Remotely control the WT3000E.

You can use the software to control a single WT3000E that is connected to the PC. Do not connect multiple WT3000E's to the PC.

Setting Window

As well as using the WT3000E series front panel to set up the power meter, users can use the software to quickly set up your favorite conditions. It also shows all the setting parameters and the status at a glance. In particular, you can set up the range-skip function (range-configuation setting) and specift the maximum order used for the THD calculation. SettingWindow LG

Measurement Window

The software can display items which cannot be shown on the display of the WT3000E series, such as multiple numeric measurement parameters, the harmonics data of each other, bar grapgs, trend graphs, and voltage & current waveforms together. The free software thus adds additional visible capabilities to the WT3000E series. MeasurementWindow LG




The software has the following menus.
Connection: Used to configure the communication between the WT3000E and PC.
Setting: Used to set WT3000E's measurement conditions.
Measure: Used to display measured results in bar graphs, trend graphs, etc.
File: Used to save and load setup parameters.
Exit: Used to close the software.

Types of Display Screens

The following types of display screens are available.



  • Numeric
    Displays WT3000E's measurement data numerically. For models with the harmonic measurement option
    (/G6), harmonic measurement data is also displayed.
  • Numeric List
    Lists harmonic measurement data for each harmonic order.
    Numeric lists can be displayed when the WT3000E is equipped with the harmonic measurement option
  • Numeric Matrix
    Displays WT3000E's measurement data for each element.
  • Waveform
    Displays waveform display data that has been collected from the WT3000E.
    Waveforms can be displayed when the WT3000E is equipped with the harmonic measurement option
  • Trend
    Displays changes in measured data over time on a trend graph.
  • Bar Graph
    Displays measured harmonic components for each harmonic order.
    Bar graphs can be displayed when the WT3000E is equipped with the harmonic measurement option
  • Vector
    Display harmonic measurement parameters (fundamental components) as vector. Vector can be displayed when the WT3000E equips harmonic measurement option (/G6) and more the 2 sets of same input elements.


Measuring Mode Normal, harmonics, integration
Types of Files Waveform, calculated values, harmonics, settings
Display Screens Numerical, waveform*, trend, harmonic Bar Graph*
* /G6option is required on .
Data Acquisition Interval 50 ms at max. speed.
- The data storage period can be any custom settings (more than 20 seconds) and the data update rate of the body.

- Depends on your PC's performance.*When the WT3000E data update interval is shorter than the time it takes for the software to collect one set of measured data, there will be pieces of data that the software will not collect.

List of functions

Display Numeric Data Display Available
Waveform Display Available
Trend Display Available
Harmonic Bar Display Available
Vector Graph Display Function Available
Display From the PC Available
Types of Files Conversion to CSV Available
Data Acquisition Interval 50 ms at max. speed. Available

You can use the software to control a single WT3000E that is connected to the PC.

高性能功率分析仪 WT1800系列


高性能功率分析仪 WT1800E系列

精度 – 在同类功率分析仪器中, WT1800E是唯一能保证功率精度达到“ 读数的0.05% + 量程的0.05%” 的仪器, 它可以执行多达500次谐波分析(50/60Hz基波频率)。

可靠 – 测量需要重复执行并需要追求准确性。WT1800E稳定性极高, 无论现在还是将来, 都可以确保完成精准的测量。

灵活 – WT1800E不但拥有最多6输入通道、 宽量程显示和分析功能, 还可以和电脑相连接,能在功率效率和谐波分析领域为客户提供广泛的测量解决方案。

高精度功率分析仪 WT3000E


数字功率计 WT300E系列

WT300E系列数字功率计是久负盛名的横河(Yokogawa)紧凑型功率计的第五代产品。横河的功率计产品在确保能耗标准和电气设备功耗测量的领域中长期扮演至关重要的角色。 WT300E系列包括:WT310E单相输入型;WT310EH单相输入/大电流型;WT332E 2输入单元型;WT333E 3输入单元型,精度为读数的0.1% +量程的0.05%。 WT310E提供的电流测量功能最低到50微安左右,高至26安培RMS,能够轻松支持客户测试自己的产品是否符合能源之星、SPECpower 、IEC62301 / EN50564等标准 ,进行电池和待机功耗等低水平电压测试,使用WT300E系列无疑是这些应用领理想解决方案。

功率分析仪 WT500