DL9000 DSO系列


This firmware is intended to upgrade the DL9000 series to the latest version.

Applicable Model

DL9040, DL9040L, DL9140, DL9140L, DL9240, DL9240L, DL9505L, DL9510L, DL9705L, DL9710L


Please read installation procedures throughout before performing the installation.
Each zip file contains firmware program file and an installation procedure.

Revision History

Version Release Date Content
4.42 Jun 1,2009
  • SPI bus analysis functions are reinforced:
     - Analysis function without CS(Chip Select) source assignment
     - Analysis function with changing the data field size
4.24 Aug 4,2008
  • "Jitter2" is added for the eye-diagram parameter measurement items.
  • Auto-setup function for the serial bus analysis is added. (/F5, /F7 or /F8 option)
  • A dialog type serial bus analysis menu is adopted. (/F5, /F7 or /F8 option)
  • UART trigger/analysis and search functions are added. (/F5, /F7 or /F8 option)
  • Simultaneous analysis of LIN rev.1.3/2.0 is supported. (/F7 or /F8 option)
  • Error search funcrtion for LIN is added. (/F7 or /F8 option)
  • Staff bit display function is added for the CAN decode analysis. (/F7 or /F8 option)
  • Improvement of the calculation accuracy when switching devices are turned on/off. (/G4 option)
4.05 Feb 14,2008


  • Auto zero-calibration function for DL9000's current probes "PBC050/100" are added.
  • Translucent menu display support.
  • Improvement of anomaly waveform parameters on statistics analysis when image files is managed.


  • Symbol display of logic signals and logic trigger settings by symbol data are supported.
  • I²C/SPI/LIN serial bus decode result display of logic inputs support.
  • Two's complement calculation for D-A conversion math analysis support.
  • Fixed a problem which occurs on "Event Interval" trigger while selecting logic trigger types.

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Version 4.42
Release Date Jun 1, 2009
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DL9000 DSO系列

500MHz、1.0GHz和1.5GHz DSO,用于调试和高性能应用。YOKOGAWA的

DL9000 MSO系列

500MHz、1.0GHz和1.5GHz MSO,用于调试和高性能应用。4通道型号,带16或32个逻辑输入。YOKOGAWA的第10代示波器,提供行业领先的250万波形/秒的速度和最短的停滞时间。
DL9000 MSO 系列 订单终止日2012年4月2日;正式停产日2012年6月底

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