Measuring Fluctuations in Voltage, Current, Power, and Frequency of a Wind Power Generator

Wind power is a renewable energy source that is being aggressively promoted (particularly in Europe) in order to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gasses that are responsible for global warming. The advantages of wind power and other renewable energy sources are that it does not require fuel, and can generate power day and night. There are two systems for generating power: the DC link and AC link systems. The WT500 Power analyzer enables analysis of data in each of these generation systems with high precision.

Measuring Fluctuation In Voltage

Example of Measurement with the WT500

DCLink System

  1. Waveform observation of the fluctuations in voltage frequency and value
  2. Observe the voltage value of the converted DC signal
  3. Observe the voltage level and stability of the converted AC signal (50 Hz or 60 Hz).
  4. Observe the stability, suddenly emerging phenomena, and other characteristics of the 50 Hz/60 Hz 100 V/200 V signal.

AC Link System
5. Observe the voltage level of the signal output at 50 Hz/60 Hz.
6. Confirm whether output at 100 V/200 V is stable.

WT500 Display Formats and Settings

Observing fluctuations in the voltage, current, and power trend display
Measuring Fluctuation In Voltage 3
Since images can be saved, they can be pasted as-is into reports as evaluation and test data.

Observing numerical data, voltage waveforms, and current waveforms
Measuring Fluctuation In Voltage 4
You can observe the shape of the waveform of the 50 Hz/60 Hz signal, its strain factor, and harmonic components.

Solution Features

  1. High accuracy DC measurement
  2. Simultaneous DC and AC Measurement
  3. Large current / High voltage measurement
  4. Allows confirmation of fluctuations in voltage, current, and power
  5. Screen image saving and numeric data saving

WT500 Features

  1. DC Accuracy: 0.1% of Reading
  2. Simultaneous Input and Output Measurement
  3. Large current direct input: 40-ArmsHigh voltage direct input: 1000-Vrms
  4. Observing fluctuations in the voltage, current, and power
  5. Measurement values can be saved as images or numerical data, and can be pasted into reports, analyzed in spreadsheet software, or used in a variety of other ways.

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