How do I Retrieve Specific Items From the WT1000/WT2000 Using IEEE488.2 Commands?

    This command turns all items for output OFF. Therefore no items will be output if you send the "MEASURE:VALUE?" command.
  2. Send the "MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:V:ELEMENT1 ON" command.
    This command turns the voltage value (V) from element 1 ON, so that the voltage on element 1 will be read out.
  3. Send the "MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:A:ELEMENT1 ON" and " MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:W:ELEMENT1 ON" commands to turn ON the current value (A) and power value (W) output from element 1.

If you send "MEASURE:VALUE?" and read out the measured data, 3 data are output as shown in the following example:

    Example Output: 4.083E+00,50.002E+00,202.65E+00

"Output Format for Normal Measurement Mode," shows that the order of data output is: V1, A1, W1 etc. Therefore in the example, the first data is V1=4.083E+00, the second data is A1=50.002E+00, and the last data is W1=202.65E+00.

In the "MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:PRESET XXX" communications command which was sent first, ALL, DEFAULT1, and DEFAULT2 are available in addition to CLEAR, so you can output only the specified items of the measured values. Also, for example, if you want to output the VA item in addition to "DEFAULT1," you can send "MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:PRESET DEFAULT1", then send "MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:VA:ELEMENT1 ON" to add it to the DEFAULT1 item. On the other hand, if you want to remove W on element 1 from the "DEFAULT1" setting item, you can send "MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:PRESET DEFAULT1", then send "MEASURE:ITEM:NORMAL:W:ELEMENT1 OFF." In this way you can specify individual items for output by adding output items to or taking output items away from the CLEAR, ALL, DEFAULT1, and DEFAULT2 preset settings.

For more information, please refer to the manuals:

  • WT1010 Digital Power Meter User's Manual Page App2-32
  • WT1030/WT1030M Digital Power Meter User's Manual Page App2-32
  • WT2010 Digital Power Meter User's Manual Page App2-40
  • WT2030 Digital Power Meter User's Manual Page App2-40

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