What is the Bandwidth of the 720210 100 MS/s Analog Voltage Input Module for the Yokogawa Scopecorder DL850/DL850V?

Bandwidth of 720210 100 MS/s Module for Yokogawa Scopecorder DL850/DL850V

The bandwidth for the 720210 100 MS/s Analog Voltage Input Module is 20Mhz.

Yokogawa DL850 Manual- Configuring Voltage Measurements

See the Yokogawa DL850 Scopecorder Manual for complete instructions on s the following settings for the 16-CH voltage input module:

  • Waveform display on and off
  • Settings for all sub channels
  • Number of the sub channel to be configured, Sub channel’s display label
  • Input coupling
  • Bandwidth limit
  • The zoom method
  • The zoom percentage
  • The upper and lower display limits for zooming waveforms
  • Offset
  • Trace settings (input channel assignment)
  • Inverted waveform display on and off
  • Linear scaling
  • Vertical scale 
  • Vertical position

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