DL750/DL750P ScopeCorder (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Jun 30, 2011. See this replacement product:

TOTwinner SmIf you need the best tool available for measuring physical and electrical phenomena under 10 million samples per second, look no further than the DL750 ScopeCorder.  This unique and versatile instrument combines the benefits of a high speed oscilloscope and traditional data acquisition recorder.
Designed for electro-mechanical systems, the ScopeCorder delivers higher vertical resolution, channel count, isolation, filtering, and abundant acquisition memory. As a diagnostic tool, the ScopeCorder offers all the analysis tools of a modern digital oscilloscope, like cursors, waveform parameter calculations, math and DSP channels, FFT's, and more.  In most cases, you can analyze your data and get results immediately, with no offline post-processing.DL750micrositeimage
As a recorder, the ScopeCorder can automatically send you an email, print your captured data, sound an alarm, and save your data when it detects a fault condition. Whether your observation times are microseconds or months, the ScopeCorder will stay on the job, and your data will be waiting for you when you are ready for it.
When you consider all that it can do, it’s no wonder the DL750 ScopeCorder is the Test of Time 2008 Award Winner.

Innovative Solutions for Long-Term Recording

GIGAZoom Function for Instantaneous Full-Length Display of 1 GW of Data

1 Giga memory for full-length display and instantaneous zooming (to user-specified length)

Tm Dl750 04 2
Amount of time data can be recorded with 1 GW memory.

DualCapture: A Powerful Tool for Durability Test Data Analysis

Simultaneous High-Speed and Low-Speed Recording Using DualCapture

During durability testing, it is necessary to monitor the long-term trends of your data as well as capture the high speed transients that might occur. This presents a challenge as trend data is usually recorded at a slower sampling speed that might miss the transient phenomena. To meet this challenge, the DL750 offers the DualCapture function.

DualCaptureIco Flash2

Using DualCapture, you can now record your trend data with a slow sampling speed and still be able to capture the transient phenomena with a faster sampling speed.

  • Integration of a High-Speed sampler (Oscilloscope) and Low-Speed sampler (Recorder) in a Single Unit
    High-speed sampler: Trigger on abnormal high-speed phenomena
    Low-speed in a sampler: Roll recording (trend recording)
  • Separate Memory Management for Each sampler
    Maximum memory for low-speed: 100 MW
    Maximum memory for high-speed: 10 kW * 100 screens

  • High-Speed Sampling Triggered Only by Abnormal Events Occurring during Long-Term Observation (Low-Speed Sampling)
    Effective for separately capturing data at high speed
  • Long Memory Equivalent to 1 Teraword (1012)
    To acquire many hours of data at the higher sampling rate (10 MS/s) would require Teraword of memory:
    (8 hr to 24 hr) × 60 min × 60 sec × 10 MS/s × 16 channels = 4.6 to 138 TW

Tm Dl750 06

The waveform shown above was captured at a sampling rate of 50 kS/s. The occurrence of noise can be confirmed in the graph, but the time resolution is too low to capture the waveform accurately. With DualCapture, the user sets triggers for capturing sudden phenomena. Up to 100 phenomena can be collected in a memory length of 10 kW at a maximum sampling rate of 10 MS/s. 


Tm Dl750 07 1

DL750 Module LineUp

  • 701250 High-Speed 10 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module
    Broad bandwidth (3 MHz) and high accuracy (0.5%) inputs
  • 701251 High-Speed 1 MS/s 16-Bit Isolation Module
    High resolution inputs combined with high-sensitivity (1 mV/div)
  • 701255 High-Speed 10 MS/s 12-Bit Non-Isolation Module
    Non-isolated model with the same performance as the model 701250
  • 701260 High-Voltage 100 kS/s 16-Bit Isolation Module (with RMS)
    850 V (DC+ACpeak) direct input, RMS mode support
    Accuracy of 0.25%
  • 701261/701262 Universal Module (2CH)
    Multiple inputs of general-use voltage and temperature module, two isolated inputs (Voltage: 5mV/div-20V/div, 100kS/s, 16bit; Temperature: TC- K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, Iron-Doped, Gold/Chromel, 500S/s), two types of modules: with or without AAF (Anti-Aliasing Filter)
  • 701265 Temperature/High-Precision Voltage Module
    100 Hz frequency range, high-accuracy (0.08%) voltage measurements, and ultra high-sensitivity range value (100 µV/div)
  • 701270 Strain Modules NDIS-type
    Wide ranges of bridge voltage (2 V, 5 V, & 10 V)
    Accuracy of 0.5%

  • 701271 Strain Modules DSUB-type
    Wide ranges of bridge voltage (2 V, 5 V, & 10 V)
    Accuracy of 0.5%
  • 701275 Acceleration/Voltage Module (2 CH)
    Inputs for both acceleration and voltage, built-in AAF (anti-aliasing filter), supports built-in amp type acceleration sensors (4 mA/22 V), isolated input.
  • 701280 Frequency Module (2 CH)
    High speed (40 µs, 25 kHz) update rates, 0.01 Hz-200 kHz frequency range, 9 measurement modes, built-in real-time digital filters, deceleration/stop prediction, offset observation function, isolated input, multiple input types (direct input from electromagnetic pickups, 300 Vrms AC power supply input, contact input, chatter elimination function)


Firmware Upgrade (Ver 3.01 or later)

More Advanced, More Convenient
  • Numerical Monitor Function
    The waveform numeric level (instantaneous value) updates approximately every second even when starting, stopping, or performing long-term observation of a waveform. Useful for confirming the waveform input condition, or temperature/DC waveform levels. Confirm the levels of up to 16 channels simply by pressing the ESC key.
  • Supports 100 kW-FFT
    Increased from 10 kW to 100 kW, 10 kW (8 ch), 100 kW/50 kW (2 ch)
  • Improved Statistical Functions
    Supports history statistics. Increased number of cycle statistics items (from 24,000 to 48,000).
  • Knocking Filter Function (DSP Channel Function)
    Offers dedicated menus for extracting the knocking portion of the waveform from the rest of the engine cylinder pressure waveform. HPF, BPF, and differential filters available. Includes functions for eliminating noise when the bulb opens/closes and for triggering on filtered waveforms. Max 6 channels and OR trigger are available.
Tm Dl750 58
Icon Selection Guide Firmware Download (product registration, ID and password for y-Link required)

Web Services

Turn Your DL750 into a Web Server

Tm Dl750 08The DL750 can function as an independent Web server. Connect to your DL750 directly using Internet Explorer, and access a variety of services.


Tm Dl750 09Easily copy and paste files to and from a PC from the internal flash memory drive and other internal storage media. You don't have to use a separate program to transfer the data.

Data Capture

Tm Dl750 10Download screen images periodically or manually. Download waveform data, start or stop a measurement, or setup a split display by using this menu.

Measurement Trend

Tm Dl750 11This function downloads values of waveform parameters periodically, activates MS Excel automatically, and graphs the calculated values on the PC. This enables you to check the parameter trends at a glance.

DC12 V Power Supply

Tm Dl750dc 01
* AC and DC power supplies can be used together to ensure a highly reliable power source. An external DC source such as a car battery is used for the DC power supply.

For AC and DC Input

Adding this option enables the DL750 to be run under DC power (10-18 V) as well as AC power (100-120 V/200-240 V). This allows the instrument to be used not only for in-vehicle measurements, but also in a wide range of other testing locations. The power source is switched automatically (when AC and DC are used simultaneously, AC is given priority).

Thin Profile
The DC Power Box is only 20 millimeters wide1, and weighs 800 grams.
The Power Box fits compactly on the rear panel.2


Tm Dl750dc 02 Tm Dl750dc 03
DC Power Box fits compactly on the rear panel (fits within the height of the feet of the DL1)


The DL can still be placed on its back with the option installed.

A Power Supply Backup System for Long Duration Observations

Simultaneous input of AC and DC power prevents loss of data when making observations over long periods of time (requires an external DC source such as a car battery). The DC input can be used as a backup power supply. If the AC power goes down, the DL instantly switches to DC input without interrupting the measurement.

Low Power Consumption

This option provides lower power consumption than when using an external DC/AC converter. This results in higher efficiency and significantly lower power consumption.
  • Approximately 60 VA (typical value for 8 CH/10 MS/s)3
  • Approximately 80 VA (typical value for 16 CH/10 MS/s)3

Low Emission Noise

Emission noise is greatly reduced compared with using an external DC/AC converter. High voltage switching noise is no longer a problem.


Two Cable and Connector Options

  • 701970 DC Power Supply Cable (cigarette lighter plug type)
  • 701971 DC Power Supply Cable (alligator clip type)
  • B8023WZ DC Power Supply Connector (D-sub 3 pin/solder type)4
Tm Dl750dc 04
Low profile DC power
supply connector
(D-sub, 3 pin)


Accurately Measure and Display Complex Signals

  • Capturing Signals Using the Longest Memory Capacity Ever
  • A Wide Range of Trigger Function for Accurately Capturing a Variety of Waveforms
  • History Memory and History Search for Efficient Access to Large Amounts of Captured Data

Analyze Captured Waveform Data

  • DSP Channel (optional)
  • Automatically Measure Waveform Parameters
  • Cycle Statistical Calculation
  • Wave Window Trigger
  • Linear Scaling
  • Go/NO-GO Judgements
  • User-Defined Math Functions (optional)

Display and Data Recording Functions

  • Voice Memo Function (optional)
  • Real-Time Hard Drive Recording (optional)
  • Memory Backup Function
  • Snapshot Function
  • X-Y Display Function
  • All-Channel Menu
  • Wide Waveform Display

Complete Connectivity

  • Connection with Peripheral Equipment
  • USB
  • Ethernet (optional)
  • IMAGE SAVE Key and Thumbnail Screen Images

Capturing Signals Using the Longest Memory Capacity Ever
For Accurately Capturing Complex Signals or Long Waveforms
The DL750's standard memory capacity is 50 MWord (2.5 MWord per channel). This can be expanded (optional) to as much as 1 GW (50 MW per channel).

  • Benefits of GWord Recording
    You can record data for 10 days (1 day/div) on the main screen, while displaying 1-second recordings (100 ms/div) in real time on the zoom screen. The large memory capacity lets you capture all of your data while still maintaining a sample rate fast enough to see any abnormal phenomena.
  • Efficient Memory Use
    Sufficient memory length is available even when 16 channels are used, so you can conduct extended observations on multiple channels (2.5 MW per channel with standard memory, 50 MW per channel with maximum memory).
Tm Dl750 12
Multi-Channel 2-Location
Zoom Function

A Wide Range of Trigger

Having a wide range of triggers is of course very useful for obtaining stable observations of variety of different waveforms. In addition, the GUI menu makes setting trigger conditions easy and intuitive.

Tm Dl750 13


Tm Dl750 14

Wave Window Trigger

Automatically Triggers on Abnormalities in Power Supply Waveforms

This function comes standard with the DL750 to allow observation power supply waveforms. In addition to traditional power supply troubles such as sudden outages, sags, and surges, you can make efficient real time observations of frequency fluctuations and voltage drops. The trigger activates when a signal exceeds the allowable values determined by comparing a defined waveform (wave window) with an actual waveform in real time. Comparative waveforms can be automatically produced in real time based on measured waveforms. Detection on all 16 analog channels is available (with OR conditions).

Action-on Trigger

Automatically Save Measured Data

When this trigger is activated, the DL750 performs a specified action each time a waveform is captured and a screen is displayed. This feature is useful for automatically and reliably saving data (e.g., for data collection in automated, continuous tests).

Manual Trigger

In Addition to Simple and Enhanced Triggers, a Trigger Can be Activated Manually with the Press of a Button

With this feature, a trigger can be executed whenever you like, separate from the preset trigger conditions. Tm Dl750 15

History Memory and Smart Search

Enables You to Access Large Amounts of Captured Data

History Memory and History Search (Zone Search) Tm Dl750 16

Occasionally, you may capture an abnormal waveform and then have it quickly disappear from the display as new data is acquired. It is not always possible to manually Start and Stop data acquisition to catch the abnormal waveform and have it displayed.
The History Memory function was designed for such situations. It divides long memory into a number of blocks and automatically stores up to 2000 previously captured waveforms. This means you can reliably save displayed waveforms to memory even when there are events for which trigger conditions cannot be set.

The Zone Search function lets you define zones on the screen and find all previously captured waveforms that either pass or don't pass through the user-defined zone. Up to four zones can be defined.  Tm Dl750 17
Tm Dl750 18
Search (Edge Search) and Zoom The Edge Search counts rising and falling edges in the captured data. It automatically searches for the desired edges and displayed them on a zoom screen.

 Tm Dl750 19

DSP Channel Real-Time Calculation Function (with the /G3 Option)

New functions are now available with the DL750. Six digital signal processing (DSP) channels have been added. The DSP channels enable you to perform math and digital filtering in real-time while acquiring waveforms. Each DSP channel can perform up to four arithmetic operations and filtering at high speed, without slowing down waveform acquisitions.
Tm Dl750 20
  • Real-time display of calculated waveforms in roll mode
  • Triggers on calculated waveforms
  • Calculated parameters such as cutoff of digital filtering and frequency can be changed in real time
  • Simultaneously displays up to 16 analog CH + 6 DSP CH
  • Provides the same memory length as with analog channels
  • Arithmetical calculation between channels (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), digital filtering (LPF, BFP, HPF), differentiation, and integration

Automatically Measure Waveform Parameters

Easily Find and Display Waveform Frequency, Rise Time, and Parameters
Waveform parameterssuch as voltage, frequency, and RMS are measured automatically.
In addition to general parameter measurement functions, the DL750 comes standard with functions such as the following:

Cycle Statistical Calculation
This function calculates statistical information about the waveform. Maximum value, minimum value, average value, and standard deviations are calculated automatically for each waveform parameter. In addition, you can instantaneously search for the cycle containing the maximum value and display it on the zoom screen. This cycle statistical calculation greatly improves your insight enabling you to analyze transient phenomena captured using the long recording memory
 Tm Dl750 23


Pulse Count
This function automatically calculates and displays the pulse count for an input signal in a range defined by cursors. It is useful for measuring rotation pulse counts for equipment like stepping motors, for tracking error signal counts for optical discs and other devices, and for counting encoder output pulse counts.
Single-Cycle Mode
In this mode, the DL750 determines a cycle, then calculates items pertaining to the voltage axis and surface area in that cycle. Range settings can be used to obtain accurate single-cycle RMS and average value measurements. 
Tm Dl750 22 Tm Dl750 23

Linear Scaling

Convert Measured Voltage Values into Physical Values for Direct Reading

This function automatically performs the following calculation based on a scaling coefficient A and offset B: Y = AX + B (X is a measured value and Y is the scale value).
The results of this calculation are displayed in cursor measurement values and waveform parameter measurement values. In addition, a user-determined scale value can be defined for any two measurement points, P1 and P2.
Tm Dl750 24

GO/NO-GO Judgment

Automatic Waveform Determinations

With this function, the user specifies a zone or waveform parameter for a measured waveform. The measurement signal is evaluated and a specified action is performed automatically based on the determination. Available actions include outputting a screenshot to a specified destination, saving waveform data to a specified storage medium, sounding a buzzer, and sending email.  Tm Dl750 25

User-Defined Math Functions (Optional)

Perform Complex Calculations

The DL750 comes standard with basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), FFT (power spectrum), and phase shifting (calculating a phase shift between channels). For more flexible and complex calculations, an optional user-defined math function package is available. With this option, you can define as many as 8 different formulas using a wide range of functions, including a triangle function, differentiation, integration, square root, digital filter, and seven different FFT functions. You can also specify the results of a calculation as a parameter in another formula. With these capabilities, the DL750 makes it easy to perform complex calculations that, in the past, could only have been done by loading data onto a PC. Tm Dl750 26

Display and Data Recording Functions

Recorder-Like Real-Time Recording for Long Periods

With the optional internal hard drive, you can record measurements to the hard drive in real time. This makes it easier to manage and analyze data using PCs and other tools.
Maximum data capacity: 1 GW
Maximum sampling rate: 100 kS/s (using 1 channel only)
 Tm Dl750 27

Memory Backup Function

Protect Your Data Even If the Power Supply Goes Out
This function backs up about 10 minutes of data saved to the acquisition memory immediately prior to power loss. Memory backup helps you avoid losing important data even if the power supply is unstable and gets cut off. (Backup time varies according to the usage environment. Four AA batteries are required for memory backup.)
Tm Dl750 28

Snapshot Function

Enables On-Screen Waveform Comparisons Tm Dl750 29

Using the snapshot function, you can freeze the currently displayed waveform with the touch of a button. Snapshots are useful for comparing a reference waveform with an input waveform. In addition, snapshots can be saved to and loaded from storage media.
Tm Dl750 30

X-Y Display Function

Display an Overlay of up to Four X-Y Displays Tm Dl750 31
This function lets you display multiple X-Y plots together, making relative phase comparisons easy. The X-Y display function is a powerful tool for applications such as evaluating DC motors based on a Lissajous waveform.
Tm Dl750 32

All-Channel Menu

Quickly View the Setup of All Channels Tm Dl750 33

This menu lets you review and modify all of the channel setups from a single screen display. Parameters such as voltage axis sensitivity, screen scale settings, and linear scaling can be configured for each channel.
Tm Dl750 34

Wide Waveform Display

Increase the Viewing Area of the Display
With the SVGA color TFT liquid crystal display, the number of display pixels has been greatly increased. For wide waveform display, set the resolution to 750 × 512 pixels.
Tm Dl750 35

Complete Connectivity

Side Panel PortsTm Dl750 36


Connecting to a PC
(Supported operating systems: Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows Me)
Just as for RS232 and GB-IB, you can write your own custom programs in Visual C++ 6.0 or Visual Basic 6.0 to control the DL750 through a USB interface.
PC communications are made easy with the Waveform Viewer and Wirepuller software programs.

Connecting USB Peripheral Equipment
USB keyboards and USB printers can be directly connected to the DL750.

 Tm Dl750 37

Ethernet (optional)

Connecting to a PC
Web Server and FTP Server

The DL750 has a variety of server functions that let you perform remote control or download waveform data and screen images onto a PC. You can also access the DL750 through standard PC software like Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

Just as for RS232 and GB-IB, you can write your own custom programs in Visual C++ 6.0 or Visual Basic 6.0 to control the DL750 through a USB interface.
PC communications are made easy with the Waveform Viewer and Wirepuller software programs.

Tm Dl750 38

IMAGE SAVE Key and Thumbnail Screen Images

Simply press the IMAGE SAVE key to save image data to a CompactFlash card or other storage media. Saved screen image data (PNG, JPEG, BMP or PostScript format) can be displayed on the DL750's screen (as thumbnails). This lets you check needed data immediately when preparing a report. The PRINT key lets you output images to the internal printer, a USB printer, or a network printer.

Tm Dl750 39Tm Dl750 40
Thumbnail Images

Voice Memo Function

Enables You To Record and Playback 2 Types of Voice Data

Voice Memo
Simply press a switch to record your voice while simultaneously recording waveforms. Make multiple recordings per waveform (100 seconds total, min. 3 seconds per recording)

Voice Comment
Record and save an explanatory comment (approx. 3-10 seconds) together with your image files.

Tm Dl750 41

Accessories for the Voice Memo Function

701951 Earphone-Mic (with push switch)
For voice memo function input/output
This accessory is required to record voice memos. It can also be used for listening to recorded voice memos.

701952 Speaker Cable (for voice memo)
For connection to external speaker (8 Ω)
This can be used to connect your DL750 with an external speaker.

 Tm Dl750 42

The DL750P enables you to...Check results immediately while on site

  • High speed printer outputs an A4 size sheet in approximately 15 seconds (20 mm/sec)
  • View multi-channel data in high resolution
    The A4 size printer records all channels together, with 1600-dot vertical resolution.
  • Print only what you need
    Using the DL750's GigaZoom function, you can instantly print out only the portions of waveforms that you need, thus saving paper.
  • Record for long periods of time with high reliability
    Waveforms can be printed out continuously in real time while the electronic data is also automatically saved (up to 1000 div or 10 meters).

DL750P Printout Example (A4 Size, High Resolution)

Tm Dl750p 04

GigaZoom Function + A4 Printer

The GigaZoomEngine instantly displays up to 1 GW of data and zoom windows at the same time Print any length of the zoomed waveforms in high resolution "Zoom Print" Function

Tm Dl750p 05

Prints XY Plots in High Resolution

  • Includes dedicated mode for emulating an XY recorder (XY Recorder mode)
  • Prints A4 size plots (200 mm x 200 mm) in high resolution
  • Prints up to 4 pairs (of waveforms) at the same time
  • Replaces XY recorders
Tm Dl750p 06

Universal Modules

Universal Modules (for Simultaneous Release with the DL750P *)
  • Multiple inputs of general-use voltage (100 kS/s, 16-bit) and temperature (thermocouple)
    Two isolated inputs (voltage: 100 kS/s, 16-bit; temperature: 500 S/s) Two types of modules available: with or without AAF (anti-aliasing filter)
  • Key Specifications
    Voltage range: 20 V/div-5 mV/div (for 10 div display, in steps of 1-2-5)
    Temperature: Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped, gold/chromel)
    Filters: AUTO (AAF), 4 kHz, 400 Hz, 40 Hz
* We can support Universal Modules on DL750/750P by firmware V6.02 or later. (May 30, 2005)
 Tm Dl750p 07
Model Description
701210 DL750 main unit
701230 DL750P main unit

701251 Analog Voltage Input Module

  • 701251 Analog Input Module
  • High-Speed 1 Ms/s 16-Bit Isolation Module (2 ch)
  • High sensitivity range (10 mV), low noise (±100 µVtyp), high noise immunity
  • DL850, DL750, SL1000

701255 Analog Voltage Input Module

High-Speed 10 MS/s 12-Bit non-isolation Module (2 ch)
Non-Isolation version of model 720250
Applicable to DL350, DL850 series, DL950 and SL1000.

701261 Universal Voltage & Temperature Input Module

  • 701261 Universal Module (2 ch)
  • Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel)
  • Applicable to DL350, DL850 series, DL950 and SL1000.

701262 Universal Voltage & Temperature Input Module (w/AAF)

  • Universal Module (with Anti-Aliasing Filter, 2 ch)
  • Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel), with AAF
  • DL350, DL850 series, DL950 and SL1000

701265 High-Precision Temperature Input Module

Temperature/high-precision voltage Module (2 ch)
Thermocouple (K, E, J, T, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, iron-doped gold/chromel), high sensitivity range (1 mV), and low noise (±4 µVtyp)
Applicable to DL350, DL850 series, DL950 and SL1000.

701270 Strain Input Module (NDIS)

  • Strain Module, NDIS (2 channels)
  • 701955 or 701956 NDIS bridge head
  • Detect/display mechanical stress with ScopeCorder
  • DL350, DL850 series, DL950, SL1000

701271 Strain Input Module (DSUB)

Strain Module with Shunt Calibration, type DSUB (2 channels) to be used in combination with 701957 or 701958 DSUB bridge head.
Using the strain module and strain gauge the ScopeCorder can detect and display mechanical stress (strain). It works on the principle that the resistance value of a metal foil changes as it expands and contracts.
Applicable to DL350, DL850 series, DL950 and SL1000.

701275 Acceleration & Voltage Input Module (w/AAF)

  • 2 channel Voltage Module/Acceleration Module
  • Anti-Aliasing Filter 
  • Direct input from built-in amp type acceleration sensor to measure acceleration 
  • DL350, DL850 series, DL950 and SL1000.

701280 Frequency Module

Frequency Module (2 ch)
Measurement function Frequency (Hz), RPMs, RPSs, period (sec),duty cycle (%), power supply frequency (Hz), pulse width (sec), pulse integration, and velocity

This product does not meet the requirement of RoHS (restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)

366926 BNC to Alligator 1m Cable, 1:1

  • 1 m long BNC to alligator clip cable
  • Only for circuits with voltage levels no greater than 42 V
  • Applicable for DL750/DL750P, SL1000 & SL1400

700924 Differential Probe 1400V / 100 MHz

  • Differential oscilloscope probe
  • 100 MHz
  • ±1400 V (DC + ACpeak) at 1000:1
  • Internal battery or probe power supply
  • Oscilloscopes, ScopeCorders

700929 Isolated Passive Probe 1000V / 100 MHz

  • Versatile 700929 passive oscilloscope probe
  • 100MHz frequency bandwidth
  • Isolated input module of ScopeCorder series
  • For use with isolated BNC inputs

700940 MIL-C-26482 to NDIS conversion cable

A 1.5 m long connector-to-connector adapter cable complying with NDIS-MIL C26482. Used to connect a MIL-standard cable to the strain module

700986 Logic Probe

8-bit, non-isolated, response speed: 1µs, threshold level approx 1.4V
Two measurement leads (B9879PX and B9879KX) included.

700987 Logic Probe - Isolated Inputs

  • 700987 Logic Probe - Isolated Inputs
  • 8-bit, isolated, response speed: 1ms or less (DC), 20ms or less (AC), threshold level 6VDC, or 50VAC.
  • 758917 and 758922, 758929, 701954 

701901 BNC to Safety Banana 1.8m Cable, 1:1

  • 701901 BNC to Safety Banana 1.8m Cable, 1:1
  • 1000 Vrms-CAT II, 1.8 m long
  • Safety BNC(male) to safety banana(female)
  • 701959, 701954, 758921, 758922, 758929

701902/701903 Safety BNC to BNC Cable 1m/2m

  • 701902/701903 Safety BNC to BNC Cable for oscilloscope
  • Safe, high-voltage measurements with DL350, DL950, and SL1000 isolated input modules 
  • 701902: 1000 Vtms-CAT II (BNC-BNC), 1 m
  • 701903: 1000 Vrms-CAT II (BNC-BNC), 2 m

701930 Current Probe 10 MHz / 150 ARMS

  • 701930 Current Probe 10 MHz / 150 ARMS
  • Powered by Yokogawa Digital Oscilloscopes, Scopecorders or external power supply

701940 Passive Probe 600V / 10 MHz

  • 701940 Passive Probe
  • 10 MHz, 10:1/1:1, 600 V (DC + ACpeak) CAT II, 1.5 m
  • For ScopeCorder Non-Isolated Modules

701955/701956 NDIS Bridge Heads 120Ω/350Ω

  • ScopeCorder Accessories for DL850 series, DL750/DL750P, SL1000 & SL1400
  • 701955 NDIS Bridge Head, Bridge resistance: 120Ω , 5m NDIS cable included
  • 701956 NDIS Bridge Head, Bridge resistance: 350Ω , 5m NDIS cable included

701957/701958 D-Sub Bridge Heads 120Ω/350Ω

  • 701957 and 701958 D-SUB Bridge Head
  • Shunt calibration
  • 5m DSUB cable included
  • Bridge resistance:  120Ω 
  • Bridge resistance:  350Ω 

701970 DC Power Cable, Cigarette Lighter Type for DL850EV

For the DC power supply model (/DC). Cigarette lighter plug type.

701971 DC Power Cable, Alligator Clip Type for DL850EV

  • 701971 Alligator clip type for DL850EV ScopeCorder
  • For the DC power supply model (/DC).

B9988AE Printer paper

Quality paper for the DLM2000 /DLM4000 /DL850 /DL6000 /DL9000 and DL750

366973 Go/No-Go Cable

This cable is used to connect an external device, however, do not use this cable for purposes other than DL750/1600/1700/1700E/7400 GO/NO-GO judgement.

701954 Large Alligator Clip (dolphin type)

Set contains one black and one red clip.
1000 Vrms-CAT II.

758917 DMM Measurement Lead Set

  • Set of 0.8m long red and black multimeter test leads
  • Used in combination with a pair of optional 758922 or 758929 alligator-clip adapters
  • 1000 Vrms, 32 Arms CAT II

758921 Fork terminal adapter

  • 758921 Fork Terminal Adapters
  • For fitting a 4mm banana plug to a fork terminal
  • One black and one red clip
  • 1000 Vrms-CAT II

758922 Small Alligator-Clip Adapter 300V

Rated at 300 V. Attaches to the 758917 test leads. Sold in pairs.

758924 BNC to Banana Conversion Adapter

For conversion between BNC and female banana plug
Applicable for DL750/DL750P, SL1000 & SL1400.

758929 Large Alligator Clip Adapter 1000V

  • Yokogawa 758929 Alligator Clip Adapter 
  • Rated at 1000V
  • Attaches to 758917 test leads
  • Sold in pairs black/red

B9946EB Soft case for the DL750

Convenient and practical for storing accessories (probes, etc). It can be attached to the DL750’s front panel protective cover.


There are several factors for a user to consider when using an IEPE accelerometer, particularly when used with newly available integrated signal conditioner/data acquisition process. Correctly managing these factors will help the user avoid erroneous data from their IEPE accelerometer and ensure the quality of the data measurement is at the level they expect and require.

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    You know the basics of electrical power measurements, have set up your dyno, and made key measurements – which is great. But as your motor and drive projects progress, the complexities of system drive requirements can change frequently. Control algorithms, networked communications, and mechanical systems form a complex web of interactions that need sorting. This 60-minute webinar explains how to get past ground-level measurements and delve into comprehensive solutions that leverage test and measurement instruments including power analyzers, high-speed data acquisition, and real-time software.

    Topics include:

    • How to avoid the “gotcha's” of inverter-based measurements
    • Computations for field-oriented control
    • The integration of CAN bus communications
    • Correlations in the frequency domain
    • Other advanced motor and drive topics

    The technical presentation includes an audience Q&A.

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