Does the WT3000 have Built-In Over Temperature Protection Devices?


There are no built-in over temperature protection devices in the WT3000. The official operating range covered by warranty is listed at 5°C - 40°C.

Our own internal test have revealed that it is possible to successfully operate the WT3000 at temperatures up to 50°C. However, we cannot officially guarantee this nor is it recommended to operate the WT3000 at this temperature for a prolong period of time. The temperature of the WT3000 rises approximately 4°C - 5°C, from cold start to when power is ON, for at least 30-min and then stabilizes.
In addition, the WT3000 includes two cooling fans to help protect the CPU, power supply, and shunt resistors from overheating. The fans are located at points 20 and 26 as diagrammed in the attached JPEG. The Chassis is made of aluminum and is approximately 1.2mm thick.

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