Yokogawa understands the unique demands of automotive and transportation. As vehicle technology continues to advance in the areas of safety, environmental friendliness, and comfort, Yokogawa test & measurement instruments continue to evolve and advance to support the increasingly complex electronic vehicle components, systems, and innovations. Yokogawa diligently provides up-to-the-minute technologies in Body Control, Safety Systems (ABS, Airbags, Rollover Prevention), Drivetrain performance, development, ECU (Electronic Control Unit), In-Vehicle Entertainment and various others. With foresight, Yokogawa also offers measuring instruments that will lead you into the future in five key areas: Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Fuel Cells, In-vehicle LAN, Vehicle components and Intelligent Transport System (ITS) equipment. Yokogawa also offers compliance test solutions such as CAN, the de-facto standard, and Advanced Power Analyzers, such as the SB5000 Serial Bus Analyzer with advanced functions for Flex-Ray technology, the protocol for incoming standards. These are just a few of the ways Yokogawa diligently strives to meet your evolving needs.

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Precision Power Analyzer WT3000

Precision Power Analyzer WT3000

The WT 3000 is the most advanced Power Analyzer used for Quality Assurance purposes. Yokogawa consistently leads the way with cutting-edge technology and precise field instruments and offers the highest accuracy power analyzer in the world with the WT 3000.