Which driver (MT210) should I use for Labview 2010?

Which driver (MT210) should I use for Labview 2010? 
All version of our LabVIEW  Instruments Drivers for MT210 can be used for LabVIEW 2010.

Version 8.x, Version 7.x and Version 6.x can be used.

The LabVIEW 2010 can read an older version's VI.

Also, the RS232C connecter on MT210 is 25 pin female. The RS232C connecter on PC is 9 pin male. Your customer should use the RS232C cable of ( 25 pin male -- 9 pin female cross cable).
Cable Pin assignments:
25 pin   
No2 SD -------       No2 RD
No3 RD  -------       No3 SD
No4 RS   -------       No8 CS
No5 CS   -------       No7 RS
No7 SG  -------       No5 SG
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