Yokogawa Test&Measurement Releases the IS8000 Integrated Measurement Software Platform

Houston, Texas – February 18, 2021

Yokogawa releases IS8000 Integrated Measurement Platform to accelerate R&D for complex electronics, mechatronics, EV and hybrid vehicles, and renewable power generation components

Single software environment allows unified analysis of electrical, video and vibration test data from multiple instrument sources in a synchronized way

Yokogawa Test&Measurement Corporation has released the IS8000 Integrated Measurement Platform to accelerate engineering workflows with a platform-based approach that synchronizes data collection, unifies instrument displays, and optimizes programming. The IS8000 provides simplified configuration and control of multiple test points, across multiple test instruments, from a single, common interface. This not only streamlines the development process but also allows engineers to expedite test system development and focus on collecting and analyzing valuable data, quickly and efficiently.

Successful product development requires data to be shared effortlessly across multi-disciplined program teams. Engineers, today, typically rely on multiple instruments to meet the broad variety of technical challenges in their design, testing, and validation processes. Collecting, analyzing, and maintaining large volumes of test data from multiple instruments, each with different formats and storage media, presents risks to successful project completion. Each instrument uses unique device drivers, communication interfaces, and synchronization protocols. Lack of correlation significantly impacts time-to-market, presents quality risks, and increases expenses.

As a pioneer in the test and measurement industry, Yokogawa recognizes that a standardized and robust testing strategy that is based on a unified hardware and software platform is essential for successful product development. The IS8000 software platform enables unified testing by tightly integrating the timing, control, and data collection from several instruments using the IEEE1588 PTP protocol via USB or Ethernet to create a comprehensive measurement suite.

According to Tom Quinlan, Vice President for Yokogawa Corporation of America, “Engineers who are using a variety of instruments such as mixed-signal digital oscilloscopes, power analyzers, and high-speed recorders can now depend on the IS8000 software platform to view, analyze, and debug all measurements in a single, unified environment. Correlating the timing of waveform displays from several sources provides a far more accurate assessment of complex systems and will make the development of new products much quicker and easier.”

For further information on the IS8000 Integrated Measurement Platform, please visit https://tmi.yokogawa.com/us/solutions/products/oscilloscopes/oscilloscopes-application-software/is8000-integrated-software-platform/

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