AQ2200-136 TLS module (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Dec 15, 2010.

In recent years there have been increasing deployments of the fiber to the home (FTTH) service in access network areas, along with advances in transmission technologies such as B-PON, G-PON, and GE-PON. In addition, there have been important advances in CWDM transmission technology, which is expected to be used in metropolitan areas. As networks have evolved, there has been an increasing need for high price-performance measuring instruments capable of high-throughput evaluation of the optical characteristics of optical devices and components used in these facilities. The AQ2200-136 TLS module is an optional wideband variable wavelight source designed for the A2200 multi-application test system. Although it is lightweight with a small, 2-slot module, it is capable of tuning the range of 1440 nm to 1640 nm.

The AQ2200-136 TLS module is an optional wideband variable wavelength light source designed for the AQ2200 multi-application test system.


  • Wavelength range:
    • 1440 to 1640 nm (full coverage of 1550 nmband CWDM)
  • Wavelength accuracy:
    • ±100 pm
  • Output level:
    • +7 dBm or more (maximum output wavelength);
    • –8 dBm or more for all wavelength range
  • Wavelength sweeping speed:
    • 50 nm/second
  • Create a variety of measurement systems by combining the AQ2200-136 with Yokogawa optical communication measuring instruments and various optional modules for the AQ2200 multi-application test system.


Example Measurement Application

Swept measurement synchronized with optical spectrum analyzer (standard function)

  • The AQ2200-136 can perform synchronized swept measurements * when combined with Yokogawa's AQ6317B/C, AQ6370 or AQ6370B optical spectral analyzer. This combination enables high-dynamic-range measurements, with features such as a band elimination filter (BEF).
    Synchronized swept measurement: This function performs wavelength swept measurement while synchronizing the wavelength measured by the optical spectral analyzer to the wavelength output by the variable wavelength lightsource, without using an external controller PC
  • Measurement time: Approximately 22 seconds (typical value; obtained with the AQ6317B/C level range set to AUTO, Span set to 20 nm, and measurement points set to 1001)

J018 Tm Aq2200 136 02
Swept measurement system (standard function)


  • The AQ2200-136 can be combined with the AQ2200-211 sensor module or AQ2200-231optical sensor head* to perform high-speed, wideband wavelength swept measurementswithout using a controller PC.
    * The AQ2200-201 interface module is required in order to use the AQ2200-231.
  • The AQ2200-136 can be used to measure a variety of optical devices and components.Example applications include:
    • Measurement of the insertion loss and wavelength dependence of optical filters
    • Measurement of the wavelength dependence of optical couplers and optical attenuators
    • Measurement of passed center wavelength and pass band flatness of CWDM mux/demux
  • High-resolution measurement with 20,000 data points (maximum) and 1 pm wavelengthresolution (minimum)
  • Measurement time:
    • Approximately 11 seconds with level range set to Hold
      (typical value; obtained with AQ2200-136 and AQ2211 set to 1440 to 1640 nm wavelength range,0.1 nm-step sweeping width, and 2000 data points)
    • Approximately 13 seconds with level range set to Auto2
      (typical value; obtained with AQ2200-136 and AQ2211 set to 1440 to 1640 nm wavelength range, 0.1 nm-step sweeping width, and 2000 data points)

J018 Tm Aq2200 136 03




Parameter Product specification Remarks
Wavelength varying range 1440 to 1640 nm    
Wavelength resolution 1 pm  
Absolute wavelength accuracy ≤±100 pm 1
Relative wavelength accuracy ≤±50 pm 1
Wavelength stability ±5 pm/h 2, 4, 5
Spectral line width NARROW ≤1 MHz 2, 4, 8
WIDE ≥50 MHz 1, 2, 4, 8
Optical output Maximum output wavelength ≥±7 dBm 1, 10
1520 to 1610 nm ≥±5 dBm
Total wavelength range ≥-8 dBm
Optical output stability 5 minutes ≤±0.01 dB 1, 3, 5, 6, 10
1 hour ≤±0.05 dB
24 hours ≤±0.1 dB
Optical output repeatability ≤±0.04 dB 1, 3, 5, 6, 10
Monitor output Maximum optical output ≤±5 dBm 9
Minimum optical output ≥-25 dBm
Accept optical fiber SM (ITU-T G.652)  
Accepted optical connector FC/Angled PC 7

Laser safety information


  • This laser light source is categorized as an IEC60825-1:2001 Class 1 M product.
  • This product complies with 21CFR1040.10, except forexemptions resulting from itscompliance with Laser Notice No.50, dated May 27, 2001.
  • Viewing laser output at a distance of 100 mm or less using someoptical measuring devices (loupes, magnifying glasses, tele-scopes, etc.) may result in eye injury.


J018 Tm Aq2200 136 05

Unless otherwise noted, the specifications represent values obtained after calibration performed at least one hour OPTON, under reference operatingconditions*with 2 m SMF output point.
*Reference operating conditions: Ambient temperature of 23±2ºC, temperature change rates of 1ºC per 10 minutes and 3ºC per hour, and humidity of 50±5%

1At maximum optical output
2Wavelength: 1590 nm
3Wide line width
4Narrow line width
5Constant temperature
6Wavelength: 1460 to 1620 nm
7SEIKOH GIKEN Angled/PC or conforming product (step type)
8At minimum optical output
9Using MONITOR connector
10Using OUTPUT connector

Application Note

This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error.

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