Service, Warranty & Quality

Yokogawa is dedicated to providing quality products to your business. We provide you with top-notch service and reliable products, with consistently high performance and precision. That is why we work hard and have earned the ISO designation. We are here to tailor our products to your needs, often partnering with our customers to create unique business solutions. We offer some of the most powerful, precise, and high quality oscilloscopes, Serial Bus Analyzers, and measuring units in the world. Our products are used by industry giants. We are proud to stand behind our products. Our team of professionals can discuss each product's unique warranty. Rest assured, you can count on Yokogawa's Quality and reputation.

Lifecycle Support Policy

To make sure that our customers are able to derive maximum benefit from our products, we have defined the following lifecycle support policy:

  • We continually strive to provide products that are based on the latest and most advanced technologies.
  • After delivery, we put our technology expertise to work by helping our customers maintain and enhance the quality of the results that they get from our measurement products.
  • After discontinuing the sale of a particular product, we provide repair services and other support for a specified period. Please note, however, that an unforeseen development such as the rapid adoption of a different technology or a supplier’s discontinuation of a component may make it impossible for us to repair the product during that period.


Precision Making