Current Probes

Current probes allow you to measure DC or AC current. Yokogawa's selection of current probes allow measurements ranges up to 500 ARMS and bandwidths up to 100MHz.

Relationship between the Current being Measured and Probe's Current Consumption
(Typical Values)

When using the DL/DLM/SL main unit to power the current probes, make sure that the total current consumption of the probes does not exceed the unit's probe power rating. For the probe power rating of each model, please check by the following information.

Relation between the power supply and the maximum measured current

Current probe 701933 701929

Current probe 701932 701928

Current probe 701930

Current probe 701931

The Maximum input current value is derated with frequency;
as the frequency increases, the maximum input current rating decreases.

701929, 701933
701928, 701932

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