How do I Calculate Power Factor, Real, Reactive, and Apparent Power with Xviewer?

Xviewer can be used to calculate various power analysis measurements such as power factor, real power, reactive power, and apparent power. 

Two sample waveforms are available in the attached zip file, and should be used to complete the following exercise.

  1. Download the Xviewer Power Analysis file and extract all files
  2. Open "ZERO CURRENT LAG.WDF" using Xviewer
  3. Click on Analysis » Waveform Parameter Settings » Waveform Parameter...
  4. Verify the RMS and Int2TY boxes are checked (blue) and click OK
  5. Use the Left Mouse Button to adjust Cursor 1
    and the Right Mouse Button to adjust Cursor 2
  6. Click on Analysis » Math Settings...
  7. Click on the empty box underneath Expression
  8. Fill in Units: VA and Expression: C1*C2 and click OK
  9. Click OK again to return to the main screen
  10. In the Main Results, scroll to the right to view the Apparent Power under the Math1 column
  11. Real Power is P = Int2TY(V*I)/T where T is the Time Difference between Cursor 1 and Cursor 2
  12. Reactive Power is Q = SQRT(S2-P2)
  13. Power Factor is PF = P/S

You can confirm your results by comparing your values with the values in the file "Xviewer Power Analysis.xlsx."

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