Yokogawa Test&Measurement Releases DL950 ScopeCorder

Houston, Texas – February 18, 2021


Yokogawa releases DL950 ScopeCorder to provide deeper insight and efficiency in design and evaluation of renewable and energy efficient technologies

Extended and improved data acquisition speed, channel count, and transient event capture allows handling of larger amounts of data at a faster sample rate and with longer recording times

Yokogawa Test&Measurement Corporation has released the DL950 ScopeCorder to improve efficiency and effectiveness in design and evaluation of renewable and energy efficient technologies. The DL950 ScopeCorder is a unique combination of a multi-channel, mixed-signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder. It captures both high-speed transient events and long-term trends. Building on the capabilities of the well-established DL850E, the new DL950 ScopeCorder can handle larger amounts of data at a faster sample rate and with a longer recording time. The DL950 is capable of simultaneous measurement of a wide variety of mechanical parameters.

Increasing complexities in electronic systems have resulted in the need to measure a wide range of input signals at fast sampling speeds over lengthy periods. Engineers must often resort to using multiple test instruments to measure several signals under different conditions. That adds complexities with data synchronization, management of multiple data formats and storage locations, and the inability to view all signals in one instrument. Design and test engineers deal with a broad variety of signals such as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, acceleration, strain, and other electro-mechanical and physical phenomena.

The DL950 offers over 20 types of isolated input modules. This provides engineers the freedom and flexibility to mix and match input types as required by the application. The DL950 is equipped with eight modular slots, for up to 128 channels of measurement data, allowing engineers the ability to synchronize measurements of different types with one common instrument. Up to five DL950 units can be connected for the analysis of correlations among data.

Via the IEEE1588 high-precision time synchronization protocol for devices connected to a network, the DL950 achieves accurate synchronized measurement in conjunction with other instruments.

According to Tom Quinlan, Vice President for Yokogawa Corporation of America, “The mechatronics industry has a growing need for the measurement not only of electrical signals but also of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), while the number of measuring points is on an upward trend. Manufacturers of industrial equipment will find the DL950 invaluable in testing high-efficiency motors, robots, and sensors.”

For further information on the DL950 ScopeCorder, please visit https://tmi.yokogawa.com/us/solutions/products/data-acquisition-equipment/high-speed-data-acquisition/dl950/

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DL950 ScopeCorder

The Yokogawa DL950 ScopeCorder captures and analyzes a wide variety of electrical, physical sensor signals, and serial buses. It offers a unique combination of high sampling rates, for a detailed view and long recording times to monitor trends over time.

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