Global warming has lead to a charge for more 'green' energy solutions, including renewable energy, which has a lesser degree of impact on the environment. Continued research has made renewable energy more affordable today. Wind energy, photovoltaics, ethanol fuel options are all types of desirable alternative energy sources, however, there is still a great deal of research to be done to maximize the cost-effectiveness of these options. Yokogawa, dedicated to protecting the global environment, is eager to support these channels for optimizing fuel efficiencies and support our customers who make it their priority to do so, as well. Our high quality, innovative measuring units can support your efforts in emerging markets. The SL1000 and the DL9000 offer you the power to manage these complex efforts. The new Yokogawa SL1000 is the only data acquisition system that delivers independent, isolated channel hardware at 100 MS/ch rates, with no compromise in bit resolution, memory depth, or streaming performance. Its quick acquisition and high capability data storage will provide speed and efficiency to your operations. The DL9000 provides unrivalled combination of high-speed waveform acquisition and 2000 'super history' memory. It has the capability of capturing and measuring rare and abnormal signals, providing you the cuting-edge technology you need to penetrate these new markets.

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SL1000 High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit

SL1000 High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit

SL1000 is a High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit you can count on for fast acquisition, transfer, and storage of your data. No more balancing, no more compromise. The SL1000 delivers with accuracy, depth and speed.