Compared to the conventional metal sensor, it has high reproducibility and long term stability of characteristics, thus ensuring highly stable measurement. The MT10 is small and has a mass of about 700 g. This makes it suitable for use at process industry sites,for diagnosing factory equipment, and for various R&D applications.

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Variety, reliability, and compact design are just some of the features of this Mini-Manometer


  • High reliability (with silicon resonant sensor)
  • Compact
  • Accuracy: ± (0.04% of rdg + 0.03% of F.S.) (130 kPa model)
  • Available in 3 models:
    • 130 kPa model
    • 700 kPa model
    • 3000 kPa model
  • Data hold function
  • RS-232-C interface
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case


Silicon-Resonant Sensor


The pressure sensor employs a silicon-resonant sensor which was developed using Yokogawa's newest silicon micro-forming technology.

The detector, which uses a silicon monocrystal, has superior reproducibility and undergoes less secular change than conventional metal sensors, thus permitting highly stable measurement.

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