• Type 3201 Circuit Tester has measuring function of AC/DC voltage, DC current, DC resistance and decibel. It is suitable for maintenance such as telephones, wireless communication equipment, radios, TV and other general purpose measurements.
  • High input resistance and impedance: 100 KΩ/V for DC, 10 KΩ/V for AC
  • Rugged construction

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Basic Accuracy & Ranges

DCV Range 0.3/1.2/3/12/30/120/300/1200V
Accuracy ± 2.0% of full scale (e×cept 1200V range ± 3.0%)
Remarks Input resistance : 100 KΩ/V
DCA Range 0.012/0.12/1.2/12/120/1200mA
Accuracy ± 3.0% of full scale (e×cept 1200V range ± 4.0%)
Remarks Terminal voltage drop: less than 250 mV
ACV Range 3/12/30/120/300/1200V
Accuracy ± 3.0%
Remarks Input impedance: 10 KΩ/V
Resistance Range 2/200/ 20,000 KΩ
Accuracy ± 3.0% of full scale
Remarks enter scale mark: 10 Ω for ma×. Full scale of 2 KΩ 
(min. Div. 0.2 Ω)
Decibel Range -20 to 11/23/31/43 dB
Accuracy ± 3.0% of full scale (dB)
Remarks Input impedance
Standard accessories 1.5V battery: 1, Test leads set: 1, Alligator clip: 1, Portable case: 1
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IM 3201-E Model 320110 Circuit Tester User's Manual pdf icon
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All Products Guide
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