How do I Retrieve Specific Items From the PZ4000 and WT1600 Using the Communications Commands?

  1. Send the "NUMERIC:FORMAT:ASCII" command 
    This sets the data format for the data you want to read out. Measured data read out using the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:VALUE?" command is output as an ASCII string.
  2. Send the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:CLEAR:ALL" command
    This command turns all items for output OFF. Therefore no items will be output if you send the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:VALUE?" command.
  3. Send the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:ITEM1 URMS" command. This command sets item 1 of the data that is output using "NUMERIC:NORMAL:VLAUE?" to element 1's voltage RMS value (Urms) output.
  4. Send "NUMERIC:NORMAL:ITEM2 IRMS,1", and "NUMERIC:NORMAL:ITEM3 P,1" to set the second and third data to the current RMS value (Irms) and power value (P) output.
  5. Send the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:VALUE?" command.
    This command will set the number of parameters to be read out. 

For example, if you want to read out the values for Urms, Irms, and P, send the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:VALUE?" command. The reply would be 3 data outputs as shown below.            

             Example Output:4.083E+00,50.002E+00,202.65E+00

The output items, using the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:ITEM" command, of Urms, Irms, and P are set to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd data respectively. The first data is Urms=4.083E+00, the second data is Irms=50.002E+00, and the last data is P=202.65E+00 for element 1.

In the above procedure using "NUMERIC:NORMAL:ITEM" you set each output item individually, but you can also specify all output items at once using a preset pattern. There are 4 preset patterns that can be used. For example, to use preset pattern, send the "NUMERIC:NORMAL:PRESET1" command to the measuring instrument.

You can also use preset pattern 1 to output Urms, Irms, and P by sending the following 4 commands in order to the measuring instrument.


When using a preset and there are a large number of items to be output, first, choose the closest preset pattern, then add a "NUMERIC:NORMAL:ITEM" command for each remaining item.

For more information on preset output item patterns, please refer to the following manuals:

  • PZ4000 Power Analyzer Communications Interface User's Manual Page 4-66 to 4-67
  • WT1600 Digital Power Analyzer Communications Interface User's Manual Page 4-70 to 4-71

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