Release of Free Version of Waveform Viewer

This is a "free" software that allows a PC to display waveform files (with "wvf" extension) from measurements made with DL series digital oscilloscopes, PZ4000 power analyzer or WE7000 PC-Based Measurement Instrument. This software can display as many as 24 analog waveforms at the same time.
Available functions are being indicated at the software download site.

Zoom and Scrolling Display
The display can be zoomed to a specified enlargement mgnification. It is also easy to zoom along the vertical axis of a waveform using the mouse, and the zoom box can be moved (scrolled) automatically and continuously. Scroll speed is adjustable.

History Display and X-Y Display
History mode allows you to display a list of multiple waveforms captured in history memory. You can also stack multiple displayed waveforms, and select which waveforms to stack.

Conversion to ASCII Format
Waveform files can be converted to ASCII format (CSV format). You can convert all of the data in a file, or just a zoomed area.

Precision Making