Saved DL850 Files Won't Refresh in Windows When USB is Set to Storage Mode

If the files saved on the DL850 do not appear on the PC, please disconnect and reconnect the USB connection from the DL850 to the PC.

This behavior is normal for Windows based operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. When the DL850 is connected to a Windows OS PC, the Windows OS thinks that the removable disk can only be accessed by itself. Any other OS will be ignored by the Windows OS. 

As a result, when you first connect the instrument to the PC via USB connection, the Windows OS will catalog and index existing files on the DL850 HDD. Any new files that are stored onto the removable disk will not be detected by the Windows OS. There is no current solution to this detection issue, as it is a Windows phenomenon. 

Also, please make note of the following:
  • Never access the DL850/DL850V internal hard disk from the DL850/DL850V menu when USB Function is set to Storage
  • When you access the internal hard disk of the DL850/DL850V from a PC, only perform read operation. Doing otherwise may damage the DL850/DL850V

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