IWASE Hisashi*1 ITOU Osamu*1 TACHIBANA Katsuya*1
*1 Communications and Measurement Business Headquarters
We have developed the WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer, which features the world's highest measurement accuracy of ±0.02% of reading and a measurement bandwidth of 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz as well as DC signals. The WT3000 can be equipped with four input elements, as against three with its predecessor, the WT2000. Also, it is possible to measure the efficiency of a DC-input three-phase inverter with one WT3000 unit, thereby enabling highly accurate measurement of the efficiency of inverters installed on electric vehicles and so on. Its predecessor used a conventional LED, but the WT3000 uses a large-sized LCD enabling the WT3000 to display measured values in various forms, including waveform, for greater operability. This paper outlines these key features.

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