2015 Events


Fundamentals of Electrical Power Measurements

In this webinar, Yokogawa's Bill Gatheridge educates and provides attendees with practical solutions for making precision electrical power measurements. He also covers the use of a digital power analyzer, as well as the DO's and DON'Ts of using a digital oscilloscope for making electrical power measurements.

May 13, 2015


Power & Harmonic Analysis on Distorted Waveforms

There are numerous power quality standards with specifications and limits for harmonic distortion. Attendees will gain additional knowledge on the design, development, validation, debugging, and production testing processes of their products. 

Jun 24, 2015


Motors & Drives Analysis July 2015

Motors & Drives Analysis is a highly requested live webinar that provides attendees with education and measurement solutions for making precision high-accuracy power measurements on an electric motor system. Attendees will learn a three-step process for a complete electrical test of an AC motor & variable speed drive system.

Jul 22, 2015


Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Expo

Come to booth 827 to visit Yokogawa at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, Michigan. 

Sep 15-17, 2015
The Green Expo 2015

Come to booth 312 to visit Yokogawa at the Green Expo 2015 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Sep 23-25, 2015


Automotive Testing Expo 2015

Come to booth 12014 and visit Yokogawa Test & Measurement at the Automotive Testing Expo 2015 in Novi, Michigan.

Oct 20-22, 2015


Isolation & High Voltage Measurements with Data Acquisition

When it comes to reliable high voltage measurements, there are a number of factors that can negatively affect measurement accuracy such as ground loops, crosstalk, noisy environments, high energy transients and more. Join us on November 18th as we explore how isolation in data acquisition can be used to overcome noise problems and safety hazards in high voltage measurement applications.

Nov 18, 2015


PowerGen 2015

Come to booth 3442 and visit Yokogawa at Power Gen 2015.

Dec 8-10, 2015

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