Is the RMS Method for Spectrum Width Calculation on the AQ6370C FOTP-127 Compliant?

The AQ6370C OSA was developed in accordance with the IEC standard: WG4 (IEC 61280-1-3) Test procedures for general communication subsystems -Central wavelength and spectral width measurement. We cannot guarantee the RMS method for spectrum width calculation on the OSA is 100% compliant with the FOTP-127 standard since the equations are written slightly differently.
The K parameter in the RMS method algorithm was included to allow more flexibility in the computation method of spectrum width based on the original shape of the signal. For example, a value of 2.355 for K is recommended for the FWHM for a Gaussian shape response. The default value of K is 2.0. If you wish to use the exact same calculation method as the IEC method, please set the K parameter to 1 instead of 2. Please note that there is a typo in the AQ6370C User's Manual Appendix 2. The proper equation, with the K parameter included, can be found in the attached document.
This also applies to the following OSA models:
  • AQ6317
  • AQ6317B
  • AQ6317C
  • AQ6373
  • AQ6375
  • AQ6370
  • AQ6370B



高性能,波长分辨率可达20皮米,支持25GHz DWDM间距和40G/100G存储应用,此OSA还支持600nm至1700nm波长范围的非电信应用。



短波长光谱分析仪 AQ6373

AQ6373提供的350nm到1200nm专用短波长量程可以精确测量380nm到780nm的可见光谱,因此适用于生物科学和其它领域。此型号产品还是测量1064nm Nd:YAG, DPSS激光源的常用工具。

长波长光谱分析仪 AQ6375