Yokogawa has been providing instrumental service to industry giants as part of our core business since our early beginnings. We continue to provide critical tools such as the WT3000 and the SL1000 and a wide variety of precision power analyzers to industry leaders for use in compliance testing. Yokogawa is dedicated to protecting the global environment. One way we do this is through our partnerships with industry leaders who are also dedicated to the global environment and providing channels for superior energy efficiency. Yokogawa designs products specifically to test such industry standards as Energy Star and UL.

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High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit SL1000

High-Speed Data Acquisition Unit SL1000

The SL1000 is the only data acquisition system that delivers independent, isolated channel hardware at 100MS/ch rates, with no compromise in bit resolution, memory depth, or streaming performance. The SL1000 offers fast acquisition, transfer, and storage without compromise.