What driver should I use when connecting WT500/WT1800 via USB from NI LabVIEW Environment?

To use USB interface on the WT500 and WT1800 from NI LabVIEW environment, you will need to use the USB driver from National Instruments. This USB driver is usually installed when you install NI-VISA and is called the USB Test and Measurement Class Device driver.
When you connect the device to the PC, Windows will ask you to choose a specific driver. At this point, select the USB Test and Measurement Class driver from NI (usually it is NIUSBTMC.INF)and allow Windows to complete the driver installation.
Once the driver has been installed, you should see the WT500/WT1800 in NI MAX (NI's Measurement & Automation Explorer). Using NI's MAX, you can then configure your device with an Alias Name (say e.g. WT500). Once this is done, you should then be able to see "WT500" in the pull down menu for VISA Resource Name in LabVIEW.

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