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Bargraph Meters (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Mar 8, 2017.
  • AC/DC-Amps/Volts, Process V+MA, Thermocouple, RTD, Line Frequency, Power, Gate Position, Serial ASCII
  • Large bright 3 color LED bar
  • 5 digit display with resolution to 0.01%
  • Adjustable setpoints
The TriColor BarGraphs Series provide the quickest way to spot problems in a process control panel with bright changing colors. Rapid identification of trouble conditions can help prevent equipment damage or production loss, thus reducing down time and maintenance costs, and improving operational safety. Each segment of the LED bar has the ability to illuminate as Red (Danger), Yellow (Caution), or Green (Safe Condition). The bar color identification can be easily changed by the user, from the front pushbuttons or through a tamper safe mode. The fully programmable BarGraphs can be ordered with a wide range of inputs and retrofits most switchboard or panel meters. These meters meet the accuracy, ruggedness & reliability requirements of utilities, OEMs and industrual customers.

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