AQ2212 Frame Controller (9 Slots)

The AQ2211 and AQ2212 frame controllers are platforms for the AQ2200 Multi Application Test System. These frame controllers contain a variety of measurement applications that enable you to get the information you need without connecting an external controller PC. In addition, they have three different external interfaces, so you can always use the best interface for a particular measurement application.

  • Easy-to-view color display
  • USB port for data storage
  • Measurement module "hot-swapping" capability
  • Remote monitoring and measurement through a LAN

The AQ2211 and AQ2212 both have a 320×240-dot, wide-viewing-angle, high-resolution color TFT display for easy viewing. Even detailed graphs are easy to view on this display.

AQ2200 Screen1

AQ2211 frame controller

AQ2200 Screen2

AQ2212 frame controller

Display screen showing all installed modules

Multi User Function 

Up to 5 users can access to a frame controller simultaneously.
Possible to control individual modules.

AQ2211 1

Macro Programming Function 

Easy way to build auto-measurement systems, not requiring an external PC to run.
Easy programming with Macro editor, PC application software.

AQ2211 2

USB port for data storage
The USB port located on the front panel makes it easy to quickly save and load data. Measurements are saved in CSV format, so they can be easily imported into almost any PC application.

AQ2211 3

Measurement module "hot-swapping" capability

Measurement modules can be inserted or removed without turning off the power. This hot-swapping capability makes it easier to reconfigure your system. (warm-up time still required to ensure accurate measurements.)

Remote monitoring and measurement through a LAN

The AQ2211 and AQ2212 support USB and Ethernet as well as GP-IB, which is the standard interface for measuring instruments. Ethernet support makes remote monitoring and control even easier.

AQ2211 4 1

Quick Response in Remote Control 

Fast remote command processing
Fast LAN: 100BASE-TX compatible

Remote Viewer Software 

Displays the frame controller screen on PC.
Controls the frame as if operating on the real frame.

AQ2211 5
*The remote viewer software (free software) can be downloaded from our web side.


AQ2200-215 Sensor module (high Power up to +30dBm, 970 to 1660 nm)

Ideal for measuring output power of transmission equipment and optical fiber amplifiers.

AQ2200-221 Sensor module (Dual channel, long wavelength)

Increase your testing power and capability with the AQ2200-221 sensor module. Thirty two ports can be simlutaneously collectively measured using 16 units of AQ2200-221.

AQ2200-232 Optical Sensor Head (Large diameter detector, 800 to 1700 nm), AQ2200-242 Optical Sensor Head (Large diameter detector, 400 to 1100 nm), AQ2200-202 Interface Module (2-channels)

The AQ2200-232 and AQ2200-242 are high performance optical sensor head, and the AQ2200-202 is an interface module to connect the AQ2200-232/-242 with the AQ2200 series frame controllers.

AQ2200-312 Optical Attenuator module

A small, lightweight variable optical attenuator providing low insertion loss
SM, GI50 and GI62.5 optical fiber models available.

AQ2200-332 Optical Attenuator module

With built-in optical power meter for monitoring power
Compact and lightweight optical variable attenuator.
SM, GI50 and GI62.5 optical fiber models available.

AQ2200-411 Optical Switch Module (1 x 4/1 x 8)

Superior switching reproducibility
Compact optical switches
SM, GI50 and GI62.5 optical fiber models available.

AQ2200-412 Optical Switch Module (1 x 16)

Superior switching reproducibility
Compact optical switches
SM and GI50 optical fiber models available.

AQ2200-421 Optical Switch Module (1 x 2/2 x 2)

Superior switching reproducibility
Compact optical switches
SM, GI50 and GI62.5 optical fiber models available.

AQ2200-141 FP-LD module

The AQ2200-141 and AQ2200-142 provide excellent level stability of ±0.005 dB or better over a 15-minute period and offer excellent stability for all of your measurements.

AQ2200-111 DFB-LD module (1310nm)

Ideal Reference LightSources for Optical Device Measurements. When the modules are mounted in the AQ2200 series frame controllers, it provides a high-output, high-stability measurement.

AQ2200-136 TLS module

AQ2200-136 TLS module is a tunable light source designed for the AQ2200 multi-application test system. Although it is lightweight with a small, 2-slot module, it is capable of tuning range the 1440 nm to 1640 nm.

AQ2200-642 Transceiver I/F Module

The AQ2200-642 reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining bus and power control features into the same mainframe that performs Signal Generation, BERT and Optical testing.

AQ2200-651 SG Module

The AQ2200-651 Signal Generator module reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining Signal Generation functions into the same mainframe  that provides bus and power control while performing BERT and Optical testing

AQ2200-211 Sensor module (high sensitivity, long wavelength)

The AQ2200-211 is a high-speed longwave sensor for theAQ2200 series.

AQ2200-271 Optical return loss module

Optical Return Loss (ORL) and Insertion Loss (IL) measurements of Optical Component.

AQ2200-601 10 Gbit/s BERT module

Compact bit error rate tester dedicated to high-speed 10 Gbit/s Band

AQ2200-142 DUAL FP-LD module

The AQ2200-141 and AQ2200-142 are FP-LD light sources for the AQ2200 series. When they are mounted in AQ2200 series frame controllers, they provide high-output, high-stability optical output.

AQ2200-231/201 Optical Sensor Head (large diameter, long wavelength)

AQ2200-231 is AQ2200 series longwave large-diameter sensor heads. When they are installed in AQ2200 series frame controllers using the AQ2200-201 Interface Module, they allow optical power to be measured at high speed and with high accuracy.

AQ2200-631 10 Gbit/s optical receiver (1.31/1.55micrometre)

Yokogawa's Optical modulator and optical receiver for 10G BERT module offers high quality features.

AQ2200-641 XFP interface module

Cost efficient and flexible solution to build 10 Gbit/s optical BERT system

Application Note

This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error.

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