Can multiple WT Power Analyzers connect to WTViewerE? Do they need to be the same model?

Yes, WTViewerE allows for multiple Power Analzyers to be connected at once. No, WTViewerE allows for multiple Power Analyzers to be connected that are different models or generations.

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WTViewerE Application Software

WTViewerE software enables PC connectivity for Yokogawa power analyzers such as the WT5000, WT3000E/ WT3000, WT1800E/ WT1800 , WT500 and WT300E/WT300 through Ethernet, USB, GPIB or RS232. This connectivity allows users to easily control, monitor, collect, analyze, and save measurements remotely.

Power Measurement Application Software

Yokogawa's Power Analyzer software manages numeric, waveform, and harmonic data measurements. It enables data logging and instrument configuration from your computer.