DIN Meters Series 72mm & 96mm (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Mar 8, 2017.
  • 72mm and 96mm European Style Meters
  • AC/DC-Amps/Volts, Watts, Var, Power Factor and Frequency
  • Taut Band or Pivot & Jewel Movements

  • Size Input Part Number
    72mm DCV DN72A10
    72mm DCA DN72A10
    72mm VAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN72A20
    72mm AAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN72A20
    72mm Frequency DN72A80
    72mm Watts (1P2W) DN72A51
    72mm Watts (1P3W) DN72A52
    72mm Watts (3P3W) Unbalance DN72A55
    72mm Watts (3P4W) Balance DN72A54
    72mm Watts (3P4W) Unbalance DN72A56
    72mm VARS (1P2W) DN72A61
    72mm VARS (3P3W) Balance DN72A63
    72mm VARS (3P3W) Unbalance DN72A65
    72mm VARS (3P4W) Balance DN72A64
    72mm Power Factor (1P2W) DN72A71
    72mm Power Factor (3P3W) Balance DN72A73
    72mm Power Factor (3P3W) Unbalance DN72A75
    72mm Power Factor (3P4W) Unbalance DN72A76

    Size Input Part Number
    96mm DCV DN96A10
    96mm DCV DN96A10
    96mm VAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN96A20
    96mm VAC (Mean Rectifier Type) Double Pointer
    96mm AAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN96A20
    96mm Frequency DN96A80
    96mm Frequency (Double Pointer)
    96mm Watts (1P2W) DN96A51
    96mm Watts (1P3W) DN96A52
    96mm Watts (3P3W) Unbalance DN96A55
    96mm Watts (3P4W) Balance DN96A54
    96mm Watts (3P4W) Unbalance DN96A56
    96mm VARS (1P2W) DN96A61
    96mm VARS(3P3W) Balance DN96A63
    96mm VARS(3P3W) Unbalance DN96A65
    96mm VARS(3P4W) Balance DN96A64
    96mm Power Factor (1P2W) DN96A71
    96mm Power Factor(3P3W) Balance DN96A73
    96mm Power Factor(3P3W) Unbalance DN96A75
    96mm Power Factor(3P4W) Unbalance DN96A76

    Size Input Part Number
    96mm DCV DN96B10
    96mm DCA DN96B10
    96mm VAC (RMS Rectifier Type) DN96B20
    96mm VAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN96B21
    96mm AAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN96B21
    96mm AAC (RMS Rectifier Type) DN96B20
    96mm Frequency DN96B80
    96mm Watts (1P2W) DN96B51
    96mm Watts (1P3W) DN96B52
    96mm Watts (3P3W) Unbalance DN96B55
    96mm Watts (3P4W) Balance DN96B54
    96mm Watts (3P4W) Unbalance DN96B56
    96mm VARS (1P2W)
    96mm VARS(3P3W) Balance DN96B63
    96mm VARS(3P3W) Unbalance DN96B65
    96mm VARS (3P4W) Balance
    96mm VARS (3P4W) Balance DN96B66
    96mm Power Factor (1P2W)
    96mm Power Factor (3P3W) Balance DN96B73
    96mm Power Factor (3P3W) Unbalance DN96B75
    96mm Power Factor (3P4W) Unbalance DN96B76
    96mm Synchroscope
    96mm Synchroscope (Relay Output)

    Size Input Part Number
    72mm DCV DN72A11
    72mm DCA DN72A11
    72mm VAC (Moving Iron Type)
    72mm VAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN72A21
    72mm AAC (Moving Iron Type) DN72A31
    72mm AAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN72A21
    72mm Frequency DN72A81

    Size Input Part Number
    96mm DCV
    96mm DCA
    96mm VAC (Moving Iron Type) DN96A31
    96mm VAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN96A21
    96mm VAC (Mean Rectifier Type) Double Pointer
    96mm AAC (Moving Iron Type) DN96A31
    96mm AAC (Mean Rectifier Type) DN96A21
    96mm Frequency
    96mm Frequency (Double Pointer)

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