Can the 96030 clamp-on probe be used with the CW500?

To use a Yokogawa 9603096033, or 96036 current clamp-on probe with the CW500, you need a 99073 banana-DIN adapter.
The sensor identification function cannot be used, so the clamp-on probe settings need to be manually configured.

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96030 Clamp-on Current Probe

  • 96030 Clamp-on Current Probe
  • AC 200 A: output AC 2.5 mV/A

96033 Clamp-on Current Probe

  • 96033 Clamp-on Current Probe
  • AC 50 A: output AC 10 mV/A

96036 Clamp-on Current Probe

AC 2 A: output AC 25 mV/A

99073 Conversion Cable (Banana-DIN)

for 96030, 96033, 96036

CW500 - Power Quality Analyzer

The Yokogawa CW500 is a portable power analyzer that logs transient power phenomena in addition to measuring single to three phase power. 


Portable Power Quality Monitor/Recorder

Power quality analyzers combine the best features of a power meter with an energy panel meter, allowing them to monitor not only multi-phase power systems, but also track anomalies in the power system.