2009 Press Releases


Announcement of the Power Consumption Measuring Software

By combining the power consumption measuring software with the WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer or the WT1600 Digital Power Analyzer, you can perform the measurements according to IEC62301(Household electrical appliances - Measurement of standby power) ...



Announcement of the AQ6373 Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

High performance optical spectrum analyzer for short-wavelength including visible light. Wavelength range: 350 to 1200nm Wavelength accuracy: ±0.05 nm Wavelength resolution: 0.02 to 10 nm and 0.01nm (400 ...

Announcement of the GS200 DC VOLTAGE / CURRENT SOURCE

High accuracy ±0.016% standard* High resolution 5 1/2 digit, ±120,000 display counts High stability ±0.0008% / ℃ Low noise 100μVp-p* *Standard specifications for 10V source range ...

Announcement of the AQ1100MFT-OLTS Optical Loss Test Set

New Line of small, portable field testers for the FTTH, Access, Enterprise and Metro MarketsAQ1100 MFT-OLTS Optical Loss Test Set MM850/1300nm and SM1310/1550/1625nm Light Sources Standard, High Power and PON Optical Power Meter Visible Light Source ...

Announcement of the AQ1300MFT-10GbE 10Gigabit Ethernet Handheld Tester

New line of small, portable field testers for the FTTH, Access, Enterprise and Metro Markets AQ1300 MFT-10GbE 10Gb Ethernet Tester Worlds Smallest 10M to 10G Ethernet Tester Ethernet L2, IPV4 and IPV6 with L2/L3 Loop-back Traffic, BER, QoS, Frame ...

New AQ2200-651 SG Module Released for the AQ2200 Multi Application Test System

Simplify, cost reduce and increase the efficiency of your 10G optical transceiver testing. Combine 5 signal generators into a single module.Features 5ch RF ouputSwitchable two clock ranges620.0 to 720.0MHz155.0 to 180.0MHzSynchronize with external equipment10MHz ...

New AQ2200-642 Transceiver I/F module released for the AQ2200 Multi Application Test System

Simplify, cost reduce and increase the efficiency of your 10G optical transceiver testing. Combine a Digital Multi-Meter, Programmable Power supply and Serial I/F controller into a single module.Features Support 10G optical transceivers XFP, SFP+, XENPAK ...



Precision power analyser for transformer testing

The new Yokogawa WT3000T is a precision power analyser specifically targeted at the needs of the power transformer industry. Based on the company’s highly successful WT3000 instrument, the new instrument combines exceptional accuracy and long-term ...

Release of DLM6000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope/DL6000 Series Digital Oscilloscope

New 500MHz, 1GHz, and 1.5GHz Oscilloscopes designed for exceptional Ease-of-UseHigh-performance oscilloscope family offers extensive analysis capabilities and mixed-signal modelsThe Yokogawa DLM6000 mixed-signal oscilloscope is the flagship product in ...



Release of Free Version of Waveform Viewer

This is a "free" software that allows a PC to display waveform files (with "wvf" extension) from measurements made with DL series digital oscilloscopes, PZ4000 power analyzer or WE7000 PC-Based Measurement Instrument. This software can display as many ...



Release of AQ2211/AQ2212 Frame Controller (replacement of AQ2201/AQ2202)

New Functions Quick response in remote control Multi User Function Macro Programming Function Remote Viewer Software Module & Remote Command CompatibleThe existing AQ2200 modules and remote commands can be used without change.Various Communication ...



Yokogawa power meters are certified for testing standby power to new IEC 62301 standard

The Yokogawa WT3000-2A and WT210 digital power meters are now certified to carry out the standby power tests specified in the new IEC 62301 standard, which defines the standby mode as the lowest consumption of an appliance not performing its main function, ...

New - Improved Data Acquisition Software Ver 2.10 for SL1000

New Functions Setting Marks - You can set marks at specific locations on a waveform screen and also load the marks data into Xviewer. Real time X-Y Display - X-Y display of Main/Zoom waveform , X-Y history with Free run mode Auto Play - ...

Release of new firmware version for DLM2000

Release of new firmware version 1.28 for DLM2000.



Release of new firmware version 2.57 for DL7440/7480

With the 2.57 firmware and later versions, the new logic probes/model: 701988 & 701989 are available.


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