ECOC 2019

Dates: 19.09.23-25
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Venue: RDS Venue | Booth 201

The ECOC Exhibition is the largest European optical communications event and the meeting place for everyone in the fibreoptic communication technology industry, with over 300 specialist suppliers exhibiting at the ECOC Exhibition, showcasing their latest product developments.

Meet us at stand 201 to explore our portfolio of high performance optical measurement instruments for any application range.

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Related Products & Solutions

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

An Optical Spectrum Analyzer (or OSA) is a precision instrument designed to measure and display the distribution of power of an optical source over a specified wavelength span. An OSA trace displays power in the vertical scale and the wavelength in the horizontal scale.

Optical Test Equipment

Yokogawa offers solutions to measure both traditional and cutting-edge optical components and systems, serving the increasing demand for high capacity fiber lines, and new component technologies.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a precision instrument used to locate events or faults along a fiber link, typically within an optical communications network.

Optical Wavelength Meter

An Optical Wavelength Meter measures the peak wavelength(s) of an optical signal with extreme picometer and sub picometer accuracy.