Total Evaluation of an Inverter-Controlled Elevator

PZ4000 can make a total evaluation of an inverter-controlled elevator. The figure1 below shows an example of a evaluation connection to an inverter-controlled high-speed gearless elevator. PZ4000 captures motor voltage, current and 3-phase power supply in total series of actions from the start to stop, as shown in the Graph1. Furthermore, it can calculate power values and related parameters in a specific period. Although current signal is controlled to form a sine wave, various functions of PZ4000 works great to measure harmonic components and calculate the total power factor.

Tm Appli Power05 1


Performance required from power meter

  • Power measurement in each running period
  • Determining period to average
  • Large memory(Max.4MW/ch)
  • Harmonic analysis, FFT function

Benefits for the user

  • Measure transient power and the related parameters with high-precision accuracy
Tm Appli Power05 2


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