720240 CAN Bus Monitoring Module (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Sep 28, 2018. See this replacement product:

Use the CAN bus monitor module to decode the CAN-Bus signals and display information on physical data like engine temperature, vehicle speed and brake-pedal position as analog waveforms and compare this with the data coming from real sensors.
To be used with DL850V & DL850EV ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition only.

The module interprets the CAN protocol, monitors communication data on the bus, and displays the time series trend waveforms. It is connected as an ISO-11898 CAN bus node, able to read data frames communicating on the bus. By combining it with other input modules, it can simultaneously measure communication data on the CAN bus, voltage and temperature, sensor signals and other changes in analog data over time, as well as ECU (Electronic Control Unit) control block signals. These data can be displayed as waveforms or saved as files. All related data in the system can be interpreted, enabling evaluation of the overall CAN system.

CAN Frames

This module can monitor data frames defined by the CAN protocol. It supports both standard and extended format.

  • Data Frame - A frame that outputs data on the CAN bus

CAN Data Monitoring Method

DL850 EX33

Examples of CAN frames and physical data

With CAN data frames, multiple data (physical data) are carried and received under a single ID.

The model 720240 CAN Bus Monitoring Module acquires (extracts) identifiers for data fields defined as channel settings (for example, "oil pressure" or "RPM"), then re-samples the data and converts it to time series data.

Data sections can be specified on up to 16 signals per port for a total of up to 32 channels per module. Both standard (11-bit) and extended (29-bit) message IDs can be specified, and arbitrary locations and bit lengths can be specified for extraction.

Sampled Data and Displayed Waveforms

Extracted data is stored in memory at up to 100 ks/s while simultaneously being displayed on screen as trends.

DL850 EX34

Relationship between sampling data and displayed waveform(s)

Using the CANdb Database

You can use Vector Informatik's CANdb database file (.dbc format) to indicate the field being monitored (acquired). Using Yokogawa's free Windows PC software, "Symbol Editor," you can convert a CANdb (.dbc format) file to our proprietary symbol definition file (.sbl format) and import that file onto the DL850V.

Outputting Frame Data

Single specified (defined) data frames or remote frames can be output (manually, at desired timing).

720240 CAN Bus Monitor Module

Input Ports 2
Input Type Isolated - (across port and main unit, across each port)
Input Connector D-Sub 9-pin (male)
Input Channels 60-signal/port
Maximum Sample Rate 100kS/s (60-CH x 1 kS/s per port)
Bit Rate 10k, 20k, 33.3k, 50k, 62.5k, 66.7k, 83.3k, 125k, 250k, 500k, 800k,1Mbps
Supported Protocol Physical layer: ISO-11898
(High Speed Communication)
CAN in Automation: CAN2.0B
(Standard & extended massage format)
Terminator Built-in, it is switchable On and Off per port.
Endian Little or Big selectable
LED Display CAN Ch1: TERM on the panel
CAN Ch2: TERM on the panel
Channel Setting Message ID (Standard or Extended)
Extraction Position
Bit Length (Max 16-bit)
Select the Endian (little or big)
Convert physical value
Output Function Single shot
Specified ID (Data) can be outputted manually.
Allowable Voltage Range -3 to 10V
Maximum allowable common mode voltage (1kHz or less) 42 V (DC+ACpeak) (CAT I and CAT II, 30 Vrms)

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