DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

What is a mixed-signal oscilloscope used for?

This video will introduce the key features, benefits, and values of the Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. The DLM5000 is the simple, adaptable, and dependable instrument you need for all your mechatronics, automotive, and power electronics applications.

What is a mixed-signal oscilloscope?

To design, validate, and manufacture electronics, mixed-signal oscilloscopes use both analog and digital (logic) signals. Through time-correlated observation and analysis of mixed signals, oscilloscopes can help identify interactions between the different areas of electronics in a device.

Yokogawa’s 8-ch Oscilloscope, DLM5000 – Simple, Adaptable, and Dependable

Description: As the creator of the world’s first 8 channel oscilloscope, the DLM5000 is Yokogawa’s latest addition to our line-up and takes you beyond 8 channels. The adaptability of the DLM5000 is a key requirement during the development of high-performance and intelligent power-semiconductor technologies and mechatronics applied in a modern electric vehicles, motor controls and energy efficient electronic designs.

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DLM5000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

  • 4-to-8 channel Yokogawa DLM5000- best mixed signal oscilloscope
  • Responsive touchscreen for easy navigation through analysis features 

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

  • Yokogawa mixed signal oscilloscopes
  • Simultaneous, time correlated observations
  • Analysis of analog with digital (logic) signals
  • Troubleshooting electrical anomalies, measuring parametric values, monitoring signals


  • Digital oscilloscopes
  • High-speed sampling
  • Range of bandwidths for electronic device design and development
  • Advantages of oscilloscope and multi-channel data recorder

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