AQ7260 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Nov 19, 2009. See these replacement products:

The AQ7260 OTDR covers a wide range of applications for the installation and servicing of optical networks, and features a variety of OTDR modules and optional units.

A variety of optical  module and fast measurements are some of the features of this Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.

  • Sampling resolution: min. 5 cm
  • Sampling points: max. 60,000
  • Fast measurements
  • 8.4 inch TFT-LCD color display for easy viewing
  • Large internal memory: 20 MB
  • USB ports for connectivity and data storage
  • Telcordia GR 196 file format for data storage
  • Compact and light weight: approx. 3 kg
  • A variety of optical module
    • AQ7261 SMF module (cost performance model)
    • AQ7264 SMF module (standard model)
    • AQ7265 SMF module (high dynamic range model)
    • AQ7269 MMF/SMF module (both SMF and MMF model)

Simultaneous Display of Trace and Event Table

J012 Tm Aq7260 02 After performing an Auto Event Search, the trace and event table are simultaneously displayed on the screen. Alternatively, you can choose to display just a trace or event table on the screen. In the event table, symbols enable you to identify the types of events.

Auto Mode Measurement

By combining Auto Set and Auto Save functions, you carry out achain of processes automatically such as the following:

Measurement procedure

J012 Tm Aq7260 03a Automatically detects the conditions of the fiber being measured and automatically sets the optimum measurement condition.
J012 Tm Aq7260 03b Starts measuring the average automatically when the measurement conditions are set.
J012 Tm Aq7260 03c Automatically detects the reflection values, positioning (distance) and the loss incurred when the threshold value exceeds the preset values.
J012 Tm Aq7260 03d Stores the measurement results automatically Into the specified memory.


J012 Tm Aq7260 05

Trace Fix Function

Tm Aq7260 04 Can quickly and easily compare traces with the trace fix function. This is a convenient function to observe the characteristic differ- ences in multi-core fibers by core, and quickly check where the core was bended, and theloss characteristics.

Multi Wavelength Continuous Measurement

Select the Wavelength to be measured
Tm Aq7260 06
Multi wavelength continuous measurement is a function that allows you to switch the wavelength being measured while keeping the same measurement conditions. This is convenient when you need to measure two wavelengths in a single fiber.

Module Specs

wavelength (nm)
Dead zone(m) Dinamic
Stabilized light source
Event Attenuation Wavelength
AQ7261 1310/1550±25 SM (ITU-T G.652) 2 (typ) 15/20 (typ) 34/32
35/33 (typ)
- - -
AQ7264 1310/1550±20 SM (ITU-T G.652) 2 (typ) 7/8 (typ) 40/38
42/40 (typ)
1310/1550 -3±2 ±0.1
AQ7265 1310/1550±20 SM (ITU-T G.652) 2 (typ) 7/8 (typ) 43/41
1310/1550 -3±2 ±0.1
AQ7269 MMF 850/1300±30 GI (50/125µm)
GI (625/125µm)
2 (typ) 7/10 (typ) 22.5
- - -
SMF 1310/1550±25 SM (ITU-T G.652) 2 (typ) 7/8 (typ) 34/32 - - -

AQ7269 MMF/SMF Module


Tm Aq7265 01Tm Aq7265 01AQ7269 MMF/SMF Module is a measurement module for AQ7260 that supports both multimode and single mode fiber in one unit. As this AQ7269 module supports the measurement of multimode and single mode fiber in one unit, unlike our conventional modules, there is no need to exchange the measurement module when installing, maintaining and evaluating the production of both MMF/SMF optic fibers.

* Supports both multimode/single mode fiber in one unit
* Supports measurement wavelengths of MMF850nm/1300nm and SMF1310nm/1550nm
* The same operations as the modules in the past

AQ7265 SMF Module

Tm Aq7265 01The AQ7265 SMF Module is a measurement module for the AQ7260 that offers support for high dynamic range measurement. The AQ7265 joins the earlier AQ7261 (cost performance model) and AQ7264 (standard model) as an addition to the AQ7260 series lineup. This new module enables long-distance optical fiber measurements and evaluations useful during manufacturing, installation, and maintenance that were not possible with the conventional models.

* OTDR measurement module for 1310 nm/1550 nm at AQ7260 OTDR
* High-end model of dynamic range 45 dB (1310 nm)/43 dB (1550 nm)
* The same operations as the modules in the past
* The same weight and size as the modules in the past
* With built-in stabilized Light source

FDD/Printer Unit

Model Name Printer / FDD Unit
for AQ7260
Printer Unit
For AQ7260
Printer 576 dots/line, Thermal Printer, Record Papger: 80mm width
FDD 3.5inch FD, 2HD -
5 to 40 degree
-20 to 60 degree
85% or less (no condensation)

Soft Carrying Case
Holds; AQ7260, AC adapter, Printer/FDD unit, Record paper, AC power cable, Battery pack, Instruction Manual

Model Description
813920300 AQ7260 OTDR
813920301 AC adapter for AQ7260 OTDR
813920303 AQ7264 SMF Module
813920304 AQ7261 SMF Module
735010 AQ7265 SMF Module
735011 AQ7269 MMF/SMF Module
813917321 AQ9441 (***) Universal Adapter
813920302 Printer/FDD unit for AQ7260
813920305 Soft carrying case for AQ7260
813920306 Battery pack (spare) for AQ7260
735070 AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Software
To delete all user files from the internal memory of the AQ7270 or AQ7275 OTDR, follow the procedures listed below: Power up the AQ720 or AQ7275 OTDR Press the OTDR soft key Press the FILE key Press the ACTION soft ...
On the AQ7270 OTDR, there is an Averaging Method function with two measurement modes: High Speed or High Reflection. High SpeedThe high speed mode is used to measure all sections using a fixed attenuation setting. If ...
We are currently aware of this issue occuring on model AQ7270's with firmware Ver. 1.02. Please download and install the latest firmware version from the Yokogawa software drivers & firmware website: ...
Please download the attached Word document for a list of compatible USB drivers for the AQ7270 and AQ7275 series OTDR.
No, unfortunately due to the number of current fiber combinations, we do not stock optical fibers. There are many companies that specialize in optical fiber cords.
The cursor value displays the level (dB) of the signal that is above the noise floor of the connected optical port. The noise floor is the dynamic range. This lets you know if you are approaching the maximum distance ...
Yes, the AQ7932 Viewer Software is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. Note: Please make sure the correct USB driver is installed for either Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit.

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