High Accuracy Measurements of Transformers

High accuracy even at low power factors

The WT3000E represents great improvement over previous models in terms of power factor error (it is approximately three times more accurate). With improved measurement accuracy in the lower power factors—such as with transformers, active power values can be measured with higher precision.

Simultaneous measurement of RMS and the mean

RMS (the true RMS value) and the mean (rectified mean value calibrated to the rms value) can be measured at the same time, allowing for measurement of corrected power (Pc) and other measurements conforming to transformer evaluation standards.
* Current rms and current mean can not be measured simultaneously.

Phase Voltage Confirmation

The built-in delta computation function allows both star-delta and delta-star conversion. For example with delta wiring, you can check the line voltage and phase voltage simultaneously without changing the wiring.

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Precision Power Analyzer WT3000

With 0.02% accuracy and 1MHz bandwidth, the WT3000 delivers where the highest precision measurements are required. It is the industry standard for R&D work on inverters, motor drives, lighting systems and electronic ballasts, UPS systems, aircraft power, transformer testing, and other power conversion devices.

WT3000E - High Accuracy

  • High Accuracy Electrical & Mechanical Efficiency of Inverters and Motors in EV and HEV
  • IEC Harmonics (IEC61000-3-2 & IEC61000-3-12); Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker (IEC61000-3-3 & IEC61000-3-11)