Washing machine Evaluation using D/A output (for WT310E)


  • Test items: In the test of new washing machine, voltage, current, power, and the control signal on the time control panel need to be recorded.
  • Test requirement:
    • High sampling rate of data acquisition to record the motor controlling signal.
    • Measurement of high voltage and the power changes at the time of motor startup.
  • Solutions: The oscilloscope only has a few test channels and ordinary data acquisition unit can't acquire high voltage signals. Use the combination of WT310E + MX100 to fulfill the function.

Points of application

  1. MX100 uses high-speed channel modules to record the controlling signal at sampling rate of 10ms.
  2. WT310E is used to record the power at motor startup. The high-voltage signal and power signal are converted to low-voltage signals through the D/A output, which are then recorded by MX100.

Points of application



  • The D/A output of WT310E enables analog output of the power signal, making it possible to record power waveform by data acquisition device.
  • The high-speed channel of MX100 realizes recording of high-speed controlling signals, and can withstand high voltage during live line measurement.


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