7651 Programmable DC Source (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Sep 30, 2010. See this replacement product:

The 7651 is a general-purpose DC source developed on YOKOGAWA's state-of-the-art DC standard technology. The dual multiplying D/A converter has enabled the compatibility of high-speed response and high resolution. The 7651 also provides high accuracy and stability. In addition to the source function (current supply), the sink function (current absorption) is also available, so the 7651 can be used as not only DC voltage/current source but also high-precision electronic load. Further, a series of powerful functions to meet the system use such as the programming function up to 50 steps, the IC memory card capable of storing 7 patterns of programs, and GP-IB interface are provided as standard. This 7651 can be used for a wide range of fields from R & D to production line, service and maintenance.

  • High precision output
  • High accuracy :
    • ±0.01% of setting ±200 μV
    • (10 V range, 90 days, 23 ± 5 °C
    • ±0.02% of setting ± 100 nA
    • (1 mA range, 90 days, 23 ± 5 °C)
  • High resolution : 100 nV (DC V, 10 mV range)
  • High-speed response : 10 ms/± 0.1%
  • Low noise: 15 μVp-p (1 V range, DC to 10
Sink and source capability

Conventional DC sources usually have the function of power supply (source) only without power absorption (sink) function. In addition to the source function, the sink is available, so the 7651 can be used for the discharge characteristics of batteries or the output characteristics of power supply as a constant current electronic load. Further, the 4-quadrant operation becomes available by sink and source function, so both capacitive and inductive loads can be driven by the 7651.

As a Reliable Constant Voltage Source

Tm Vc 08

E1 > E2 sink operation. The generation of constant voltage is possible even with active load.

Bipolar output, glitchless

The bipolar output of the 7651 executes polarity switching without using mechanical contact, so any abnormal voltage or current is not generated at the polarity switching. Because of this feature, true continuous output change from the negative maximum output to the positive maximum output becomes possible. An evaluation of zero cross comparator or polarity switching for the cancellation of emf in experiments of solid-state physics can easily be made.
A glitch is not generated at the change of voltage or current in the same range.

Resistance Measurement of Superconductivity 

Tm Vc 09

V1 = I*R + E
V2 = -I*R + E
V1 - V2 = 2I*R

Programmable voltage/current limiter

Limiting point is programmable within the range of 1 to 30 V as the voltage limiter, and within the range of 5 to 120 mA as the current limiter.
Even if the limiter is actuated by overload or short-circuit of output and so on, the 7651 automatically recovers from limit to normal state by removing the overload.

Calibration function

Calibration software is integrated in the 7651, and calibration is executed by the key operation on the front panel or through communication without opening the case. So, anyone can maintain the accuracy of the 7651 without difficulty by its calibration function.

GP-IB interface (Standard)

The GP-IB interface can be selected according to your system needs. The following functions are available through these interfaces.
  • Functions executed by panel key operation
  • Setting data output
  • Panel set data output
  • Program step setting/reading
  • Status byte output
765101Programmable DC voltage/current source (front panel output terminals)
765111Programmable DC voltage/current source (rear panel output terminals)
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