• KAZUMI Masahiro*1
  • TSUJI Hirotaka*1
  • KOIKE Katsuhiro*1
  • KAWASUMI Kazuo*1

*1 Test & Measurement Business Div.

This white paper describes the PZ4000 power analyzer, a discontinued model that has been replaced by the PX8000 Precision Power Scope.

The PZ4000 was developed for power measurement and waveform observation. It features a trend display for the measurement of transient power and a span measurement function. Despite having a wide bandwidth of DC-2 MHz, which facilitates the accurate measurement of switching control waveforms or fluctuating power and a fast sampling rate of 5 MS/s, it is capable of precise measurements at an accuracy of (±0.1% of reading +0.025% of range). It can analyze wide band distorted waveforms with a maximum of 5000 harmonic analysis orders.

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PX8000 - Precision Power Scope

  • Transient/Start-up Waveform Capture & Power Analysis
  • Harmonics, Cycle by cycle and FFT analysis

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