Can Xviewer decode RPM from a pulse-train?

Can Xviewer decode RPM from a pulse-train?
I recommend using a Freq module for this - becuase it has many advantages;
However, in a pinch, Xviewer could be used to do this:
RPM = Frequency divided by pulses/rotation X 60
Example: Gear turning once per second (60 RPM):
Gear with 20 teeth monitored by hall-effect device.
This gear gives 20 pulses per rotation.
Therefore, if 20 Hertz is measured, then RPM = [20Hertz/(20pulses/1rotation)] X 60 = 60 RPM.
And, likewise, if 40 Hertz is measured, then RPM = [40Hertz/(20pulses/1rotation)] X 60 = 120 RPM.
In Xviewer MATH VERSION this would be (FV(C1))/20
… if it cannot be 'nested', use MATH1=FV(C1) and MATH2=M1/20.  

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