How do I Perform a Shunt Calibration With the ScopeCorder Strain Gage Module?


To perform a shunt calibration using the 701271 strain gage module and the ScopeCorder, please complete the following procedures:
  1. Connect the strain module 701271, bridge head 701957/701958 and the strain gauge 
  2. Attach the shunt resistor to the bridge head
  3. Set the range unit, range, excitation voltage, and gauge factor
  4. Press the Exec Balance soft key
  5. Enter the reference strain value corresponding to the attached resistor for P2:Y
  6. Select the Unit
  7. Execute the Shunt Cal to perform the calibration
  8. After the calibration is done, the P1:X and P2:X values as well as the Upper and Lower Scale will have changed
  9. If negative strain direction is selected, the P2:Y value must be negative and the P2:X value will also be negative after calibration

Please refer to the attached file for more details on shunt calibration.

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