Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases 2560A Precision DC Calibrator

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it has developed the 2560A precision DC calibrator and will release this product today. The 2560A is a high precision instrument capable of outputting a wide range of DC Voltage and Current for calibration of analog meters, thermometers, and temperature controllers that use a thermocouple or a resistance temperature detector (RTD).

Development Background
Analog meters, thermometers, and other measuring instruments require periodic calibration to maintain their accuracy. It can be very time-consuming and expensive, however, to send an instrument back to the manufacturer or to other service provider for calibration. In some case, it is very efficient for some companies to use high-precision voltage/current standard or calibrator that will allow them to perform this work in house. Since the 1970s, Yokogawa has been a leading provider of measuring instruments with the high level of precision required for use as standards in the calibration of voltage, current, resistance, pressure, and temperature instruments.

In recent years, there has been a rise in demand for DC voltage and current measurement as the result of increased use of direct current in data centers to avoid the power losses caused by AC/DC conversion, and more DC motors have been selected mainly for use as car electric components. With these backgrounds, the demand for DC ammeters that can measure large currents and calibrators for those ammeters are increasing. However, when calibrating the direct current output over 20 A, customers need to combine other companies’ calibrators which can output 20 A or higher with an expensive amplifier.

2560A is specialized for DC voltage/current generation, and thus can generate large DC voltage /current output alone with high accuracy and high stability at low cost. In addition to having the same excellent ease of use as our previous model, the 2560A delivers substantially improved performance. By leveraging the measurement technologies that it has developed over the years, Yokogawa will strengthen its lineup of calibrators and standard signal generators and thus expand its high-precision measuring instrument business.

Product Features
The 2560A precision DC calibrator is an accurate and low cost calibrator that can output DC voltage over 1200 V and DC current over 36 A alone. In addition to being able to calibrate analog meters, the 2560A can calibrate thermometers and temperature controllers that utilize a thermocouple or RTD. The key features of this product are as follows:

1. High accuracy with large DC voltage/current output
By specializing for DC voltage/current generation, and refining the built-in functions, 2560A kept its price low and achieved the following high performances. It can be used for applications that require high accuracy and stability.
DC voltage output range: ±1,200V    DC current output range: -12A to +36A
Accuracy:        ±50 ppm* for voltage (180 days in 1 V range)
±70 ppm for current (180 days in 1 mA range)
Stability:          ±10 ppm (1 hour in 1 V range)
* parts per million
2. Ease of use
The 2560A is easy to operate, having a dedicated output setting dial for each digit in the numeric display, and a dial for selecting voltage output, current output, temperature calibration, and other functions. Furthermore, it supports various communication interfaces (GPIB, USB, and Ethernet). And as its weight is approximately 13 kg, 60% less than the previous model, portability has been improved.
3. Versatile
The 2560A can calibrate many different types of thermometers and temperature controllers and is compatible for use with all 10 thermocouple types as well as the platinum 100 (pt100) RTD specified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Major Target Markets
- Calibration institutes and calibration maintenance service providers
- Measuring instrument manufacturers
- Electric utilities and power plants

- Analog meter development, production line testing, and calibration
- Development, production line testing, and maintenance of thermometers, temperature controllers

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