Precision Wheatstone Bridge 2768 (100 mΩ to the 110MΩ) (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Feb 28, 2020.

Model 2768 is a Precision bridge used for the exact determination of resistance in the 100 MΩ to the 110MΩ Range with an accuracy of 0.01 to 0.05%. Since this instrument includes a high-sensitivity transistorized galvanometer and bridge power source, no auxiliary device is required.

  • Superior resistor aliment
  • Minimized contact resistance
  • Guarding and shielding
    Materials of high insulation resistance and low absorption are employed. Guard circuits are provided to insure stable operation even In highly humid atmospheres. The instrument is housed in a {grey} metal case to assure -to operator of excellent shielding.
  • Heat-insulated pushbutton keys
    If the operator's body temperature were carried to the galvanometer sensitivity control keys, a temperature difference would arise at the contact point and produce thermal EMF resulting in measurement error. To eliminate this effect, the pushbutton keys for the galvanometer sensitivity control are heat-insulated with phenol resin.


Dimensions 497(W)×316(H)×140(D)mm, excluding protrusions
19.57 × 12.44 × 5.51 in.
Weight Approx. 9.6kg
21.2 lbs
Measuring Method Null method (in-line readout).
Measuring Arm 0 to 11, 111Ω adjustable in 0.1Ω steps, (consists of five decades; 1,000Ω x 10 + 100Ω x 10Ω x 10 + 1Ω x 10 + 0.1Ω x 10)
Multiplier x 100mΩ, x 1Ω, x 10Ω, x100Ω, x1kΩ, x 10kΩ, x100kΩ, x1MΩ, and x10MΩ
Accuracy (at 23±2°, less then 75%) x 100mΩ range ±0.5mΩ, x 1Ω range (±0.02% of setting +0.5mΩ) x 10Ω range, x 100kΩ & 1MΩ ranges ±0.02% of setting x100Ω x 1kΩ & x 10kΩ ranges &
Maximum Allowable Input 0.2W continuously for ratio arm, 0.2W continuously per element of Measuring arms
Insulation Resistance More then 1000MΩ at 250V DC at ambient Humidity of less then 75% between electric circuit and case
Dielectric Strength 500V AC for one minute between electric circuit and case
Galvanometer (Built-In) Max sensitivity approx. 10µV/div. (provided with a sensitivity adjuster)
Galvanometer Power Source Single 9V battery (JIS 6F22 or equivalent)
Galvanometer Battery Life Approx. 300 Hours
Case Grey metal Case, with plastic feet and carrying handles
Bridge Power Source (Built-In) Power source range - 1.5/3/6/15V selectable, Power source battery - four 1.5V batteries (JIS R20P, ANSI D, Mono 1.5V or equivalent) and a single 9V battery (JIS 6F22, ANSI 6F22, Energieblock 9V or equivalent)


Measuring Range


Range Measuring Range Min Division
x 100 MΩ 0.10000 to 1.11110 Ω 10 μΩ
x 1 Ω 1.0000 to 11.1110 Ω 0.1 mΩ
x 10 Ω 10.000 to 111.110 Ω 1 mΩ
x 100 Ω 100.00 to 1111.10 Ω 10 mΩ
x 1 kΩ 1.0000 to 11.1110 kΩ 0.1 Ω
x 10 kΩ 10.000 to 111.110 kΩ 1 Ω
x 100 kΩ 100.00 to 1111.10 kΩ 10 Ω
x 1 MΩ 1.0000 to 11.1110 kΩ 100 Ω
x 10 MΩ 10.000 to 111.110 kΩ 1 kΩ
Instruction Manuals

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