701917 Stromzange 50 MHz / 5 Arms

Frequenzbereich: DC bis 50 MHz
Maximaler Dauereingangsstrom: 5 Arms

Geeignet für Digital-Oszilloskope, ScopeCorder und andere Messgeräte zur Messung des Signalverlaufs.


  • Bandwidth: DC to 50 MHz; current measurement:  Max 5 Arms
  • 10x more sensitive than previous models 701928/701929/701932/701933
  • Low noise compact current probe for measuring low level currents from 1 mA to 5 A. 
  • Slim and light weight sensor head makes it easy to use in narrow spaces. 
  • Zero-adjustment can be done by simply pushing the button on the termination box. 
  • Demagnetization can also be done by holding down the DEMAG button for a quicker setup. 
  • Powered by the DL's probe power supply terminal. 
  • The probes are also compatible with the 701934 probe power supply. 
  • Current values can be read directly on DL series instruments. Using the current probe selection menu eliminates the need to enter current/voltage conversion values.


  • LED driver, controller, power supply verification
  • Evaluation of the embedded power supply
  • Measurement of the power consumption of a low voltage device (FPGA)
  • Evaluation of the embedded component for household appliances and car electronics
  • Inverter currents
  • Switch mode power supply inrush currents




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