DLM5000 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

As the creator of the world’s first 8 channel oscilloscope, and with over 100 years of industry experience, the DLM5000 is Yokogawas latest addition to our line-up and takes you beyond 8 channels. Adaptability is a key requirement during the development of high-performance and intelligent power-semiconductor technologies and mechatronics applied in a modern electric vehicles, motor controls, and energy efficient electronic designs. Combining a large, highly responsive touchscreen and a traditional oscilloscope panel, the 4-to-8 channel DLM5000 mixed signal oscilloscope allows users to easily navigate through a wealth of analysis features at the touch of their fingertips.

TOP-Merkmalflyer zur DLM5000 Serie (deutsch) 

Adaptable for your Unique Testing Requirements

  • 8 analog channels, 32 bits of logic
  • Additional math channels
  • Vehicle serial bus
  • DLMsync supports multi-unit synchronization extending measurements up to 16 channels

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Overview

Trusted, Dependable Measurements

  • Low residual noise
  • Extensive voltage ranges
  • A variety of real-time low pass filters
  • View 100,000 previously captured waveforms using the unique history memory
  • Purpose-built operating system

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Overview

Simplicity at your Fingertips

  • Highly responsive touchscreen
  • Traditional oscilloscope control panel
  • Light, compact 8-channel scope

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Overview

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Overview

Basic functions ideal for circuit evaluation/software debugging

8 Analog ch + 32 bits of logic are collectively measured by one unit.
A single DLM5000 has 8 analog channels and 32 bits of logic, which usually requires two mixed signal oscilloscopes. By viewing sensor signals and amplifier inputs and outputs on the analog channels and serial/parallel bus signals on the logic channel, one unit is sufficient for embedded system debugging. The 4 ch model has been newly added to the series lineup.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features








12.1 inch large screen provides a comfortable debugging environment
Equipped with a 12.1-inch large touch screen. The large screen is useful for observing analog signals in detail and displaying information for debugging, such as parameters, zoom screen, XY display, and FFT analysis results.

Easy to carry and measures quickly
While the DLM5000 is a large screen model with multichannel inputs, it comes in a portable, thin & lightweight design. The instrument starts up from OFF to waveform display in 18 seconds. You can start measurement work immediately.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features









Up to 2.5 GS/s (8 channels at the same time), Up to 500 Mpoints long memory
The evaluation of an embedded system requires the verification of its operation over a relatively long period of time with software commands and the simultaneous viewing of waveforms of high-speed signals such as clock noise. The DLM5000 is equipped with a memory that allows waveform capture of 50 Mpoints in single mode/12.5 Mpoints in repeat mode. You can observe waveforms with very few omissions. If 500 Mpoints memory (optional) is installed, 0.2 seconds waveform can be captured even at 2.5 GS/s sample rate.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope FeaturesYokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope















Two-unit connection function "DLMsync" in response to the request for more channels (option: coming soon)
Connecting two DLM5000s with a dedicated cable enables synchronous measurement of up to 16 analog channels. Captured waveforms are displayed on each unit. Triggers operate in common, and common items, such as memory length, sampling rate, acquisition settings and horizontal axis scale settings, are linked, so they can be used like a single 16-channel oscilloscope. You can connect 4 ch models too, so “8 + 4 = 12 channels” or “4 + 4 = 8 channels” is also possible.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope











You can replay waveforms later on, so you'll never miss an abnormal waveform

Original history function
Automatically save previously captured waveforms
With the DLM5000 series, up to 100000 previously captured waveforms can be saved in the acquisition memory. With the History function, you can display just one or all of the previously captured waveforms (history waveforms) on screen. You can also perform cursor measurement, computation, and other operations on history waveforms. Using the History function, you can analyze rarely-occurring abnormal signals even when an appropriate trigger condition is hard to find because its waveform shapes are not constant.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features











History search function
Various and powerful search methods are available to search up to 100000 waveforms for events meeting your custom requirements. Intuitive and simple waveform search functions are provided. For example, you can specify a rectangular zone that captures a part of a waveform on the screen, a zone that covers an entire measured waveform, or a polygonal zone. If you know a value of interest, such as an abnormal value of voltage or pulse width, you can search history waveforms using waveform parameters.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features

Zoom & search function
Multi-channel waveforms captured in the long memory need to be zoomed in vertically and horizontally for detailed viewing. The DLM5000 has the dedicated zoom keys and knob, allowing you to quickly zoom in on the part you want to see. You can also specify the area you want to zoom in on by using the the touch screen.

Zoom two locations simultaneously You can display two zoomed waveforms with different time axis scales at the same time. Also, use Auto Scroll to sweep the zoom window across the waveforms automatically. Being able to zoom in on two distant locations at the same time, such as “cause” and “effect” of a certain event, or to display them with different zoom factors is very useful for software debugging.

Zoom Search function Use several search criteria to automatically find and zoom into features in the waveform for further inspection. The locations of the found waveforms are marked on screen.

Waveform search criteria Edge, edge (qualified), state/pattern, pulse width, state width, serial bus (only on models with the serial bus analysis option).

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features









By using the touchscreen to move the waveform position, change the scale, move the cursor, and such, you can operate the instrument without taking your eyes off the waveform. If you want to zoom in a part of the waveform, use Rect Zoom for easy zooming by swiping your finger diagonally across the screen to specify the area. To select items on the dialog box, you can directly touch them, which eliminates the trouble of using select keys.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features






Large selection of triggers
— Trigger function captures combined analog/digital complex waveforms —
The DLM5000 series comes with a variety of easy-to-configure triggers combining analog and logic inputs such as edge, enhanced, and B triggers. By using a digital trigger system, trigger errors are minimized.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features
















Filter functions
Real time filter with optimum noise reduction supports a wide range of frequencies — from 8 kHz to 200 MHz — Each channel has 14 low pass filters available with cutoff frequencies from 8 kHz to 200 MHz. Waveforms are filtered prior to storage in memory. Real-time filters allow for stable triggering of superimposed noise signals.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features









Logic signal measurement and analysis
The flexible MSO inputs are included as standard. This enables the DLM5000 to be converted to a 8 analog and 16 digital input MSO. With the /L32 option, up to 32 logic signals can be measured. Bus/State display and optional DA calculation function, which is useful for evaluating AD/ DA converters, are also provided.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features











Features designed for productivity
Measure function and statistics
Twenty-nine waveform parameter measurements are included. Automated measurement of up to 30 simultaneous measurements is available. Statistical values can also be measured continuously, cycle-by-cycle or using history memory. In addition, cycle-by-cycle parameter measurement is possible to calculate fluctuations of a captured waveform.

FFT analysis
Up to 4 FFT analyses can be performed simultaneously. FFT can be performed on computed waveforms in addition to the actual waveforms on CH1 to CH8. The peak detection function that automatically detects the spurious frequency is a useful feature for searching for a noise source, such as clock and power supply switching noise.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features








Statistical calculation of waveform parameters
For repetitive waveforms, a large number of periodic waveforms are captured on the memory. The DLM5000 can statistically analyze the parameters of repetitive waveforms. Jitter measurement and level fluctuation analysis are possible.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features











By pressing the “camera” key to the lower right of the screen, you can freeze a white trace of the currently displayed waveform on the screen. You can press the key repeatedly and conveniently leave traces for comparing multiple waveforms.

Thumbnails of saved files
Display thumbnails of saved waveforms, waveform images, and Wave Zone files for easier browsing, copying or deleting. A full-size view shows even more details.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features









Action on trigger, GO/NO-GO
GO/NO-GO automates pass or fail determination for trigger conditions, waveforms, measured parameters, and other criteria. Actions automate buzzer sounds, file saving, or email notification. Waveforms in which an abnormality occurred can be saved for confirmation and analysis of the phenomena at a later time.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features










Application-specific analysis options

User defined math option (/G02)
Equations can be arbitrarily created using a suite of operators such as trigonometric and logarithmic operators, integration and differentiation, pulse width operators, phase measurement and digital to analog conversion.

Wide range of interfaces and software

Increase work efficiently by using PC
Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.01 as standard communication interfaces DLM5000’s long memory is useful for suppressing failure in capturing waveforms, such as the history function, but it takes time to transfer data to a PC. With the standard-equipped Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0, the DLM5000 is approximately 10 times faster at saving data to the internal storage and at transferring data to a PC.2 Get answers faster, even with large data sets.

1USB function only. USB host function uses USB 2.0 communication.
When /C8 option (SSD) is installed for internal storage and USB 3.0 mass storage connection is used for transfer. Compare with the conventional model (DLM4000).

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features










Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features

Multi-channel measurement application

Motor control & inverter circuit development
Limitation of 4 ch scope
Whole-system measurement is impossible with a four channel scope; the real difficulty is measuring the timing between IGBT gate signals within the inverter. Voltage and current measurements between 3 phases and the IO of the motor driver IC is a very challenging test with a four channel scope. The truly practical solution is an eight channel MSO.


Electronic control unite & mechatronic test
Limitation of 4 ch MSO
The additional logic inputs of a four-channel MSO mixed signal oscilloscope provides enough channels, but this method has a blind-spot. Digital waveform analysis using logic inputs alone cannot reveal anomalies such as voltage drift, noise, distortion or ringing, and measure rise-fall times. ECU testing requires stringent examination of all digital waveforms – and analog input channels are the best tool for the job.


8 ch
The key to efficient and reliable high performance electric motors is the modern inverter design, or ‘Intelligent Power Module’. Multi-channel, highspeed waveform measurement is an absolute necessity. Four channels are simply not enough. Boasting eight true analog inputs, the DLM5000 empowers today’s engineer with a convenient and comprehensive measurement system.

Numerous I/O analog, digital, and serial-bus waveforms surrounding the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) must be measured. The DLM5000 offers ample channel-count and architecture to monitor eight analog channels and up to 24-bits of logic input while simultaneously performing protocol analysis such as UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CXPI and FlexRay. The DLM5000 can speed up the R&D process when four channels are not enough.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope ApplicationsYokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Applications

Model Description


Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: 8 ch, 350 MHZ


Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: 8 ch, 500 MHZ


Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: 4 ch, 350 MHZ


Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: 4 ch, 500 MHZ

Power supply analysis option (/G03)
Switching loss analysis
Calculate switching loss [V(t) × i(t)] over long test cycles utilizing the long built-in memory. A wide variety of switching loss analyses are supported, including turn-on/off loss calculation, loss including continuity loss, and loss over long cycles of 50 Hz/60 Hz power line.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features









Power parameter measurement
Measure power parameters automatically for up to four pairs of voltage and current waveforms, such as active power, apparent power, power factor, and more. Cycle statistics and history statistics can also be calculated.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features











Serial analysis function options (/F01 to /F05)
Dedicated trigger and analysis options are available for various serial buses of both in-vehicle and embedded systems. Logic input can also be used for I2C/SPI/UART/SENT. When it is not necessary to observe waveform quality of a bus, decoding or analysis using logic inputs is possible.

Unique auto setup
Yokogawa’s proprietary auto setup function automatically analyzes the input signal and complex parameters such as bit rate and threshold level, selecting the optimal settings in seconds. This feature not only saves time but is also a powerful debugging feature when the bit rate and other parameters are unknown.

Simultaneous analysis of up to 4 buses
Perform high-speed simultaneous analysis on up to four different serial buses operating at different speeds. Extensive search capabilities enhance the usability, allowing the user to find specific data in the very long memory. The dual-zoom facility means that different buses can be viewed and debugged alongside each other.

Yokogawa DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Features

701937 Passive probe 600V / 500 MHz

Passive Probe, 600Vp, 500MHz, 10:1, 10MΩ, 1.3m
Supplied standard with DLM3000/DLM5000.

702907 Passive Probe 1000V / 200 MHz

Passive Probe, 1000V(DC+ACpeak) CAT II, 200MHz, 10:1, 10MΩ, 2.5m.
For use with DLM3000/DLM5000 series.
Not for use with CAT III or CAT IV measurements

701949 Miniature Passive Probe 400V / 500 MHz

Passive Probe, 400Vrms, 500MHz, 10:1, 10MΩ, 1.3m, 'Miniature Passive Probe' w/ accy kit.
Optional probe for DLM3000/DLM5000 series.
Can also be ordered as a substitute for the standard probe when ordering DLM3000 series.

701944 100:1 Tastkopf

Bandbreite: DC bis 400 MHz

701945 100:1 Tastkopf

Bandbreite: DC bis 250 MHz (-3dB)

700924 100 MHz Differenztastkopf

Der Differenztastkopf eignet sich für die potentialfreie Messung hoher Spannungen mit großer Bandbreite

700925 15 MHz Differenztastkopf

Eingangs-Dämpfungsfaktor: umschaltbar zwischen 1/10, 1/100 

701920 500 MHz Aktiver Differenztastkopf

Ermöglicht eine genaue Beobachtung schneller differentieller Signale

701921 100 MHz Aktiver Differenztastkopf

Bandbreite: DC bis 100 MHz (-3 dB)

701922 200 MHz Aktiver Differenztastkopf

Bandbreite: DC bis 200 MHz (-3 dB)

701924 1.0 GHz Aktiver Differenztastkopf (PBDH1000)

Differenztastkopf 50:1, Impedanz 2 x 1 MΩ//1.1 pF

701926 Hochspannungs-Differenztastkopf

701926 Hochspannungs-Differenztastkopf für die Geräte der DL Serie

701927 Aktiver Differenz-Tastkopf für Hochvolt Anwendungen

Der 701927 ist ein 50:1 oder 500:1 Hochspannungs-Tastkopf (1.400 V Spitze) mit erweiterter Bandbreite von DC bis 150 MHz. Der Tastkopf verfügt über einen symmetrischen Differenzeingang für Oszilloskope mit unsymmetrischen Eingängen (1 MOhm Eingangsimpedanz). Der Tastkopf eignet sich für die Geräte DLM2000, DL6000, DLM6000, DL9000 und SB5000. Die Stromversorgung des Tastkopfes erfolgt bequem über den Yokogawa Tastkopf-Stromversorgungsanschluss. 

700939 900 MHz Aktiver FET Tastkopf

Der 700939 FET ist ein aktiver Tastkopf mit einer Frequenz-Bandbreite von 900 MHz und einem Dämpfungsverhältnis von 10 : 1

701917 Stromzange 50 MHz / 5 Arms

Frequenzbereich: DC bis 50 MHz
Maximaler Dauereingangsstrom: 5 Arms

Geeignet für Digital-Oszilloskope, ScopeCorder und andere Messgeräte zur Messung des Signalverlaufs.

701918 Stromzange 120 MHz / 5 Arms

Frequenzbereich: DC bis 120 MHz
Maximaler Dauereingangsstrom: 5 Arms

Geeignet für Digital-Oszilloskope, ScopeCorder und andere Messgeräte zur Messung des Signalverlaufs.

701928 Stromzange 100 MHz / 30 Arms

Diese aktive Stromzange benötigt keine zusätzliche Verbindung zur Stromversorgung (LEMO-Steckverbinder), wird automatisch erkannt und führt bei der Verwendung selbstständig einen Nullabgleich durch.

701929 Stromzange 50 MHz / 30 Arms

Diese aktive Stromzange benötigt keine zusätzliche Verbindung zur Stromversorgung (LEMO-Steckverbinder), wird automatisch erkannt und führt bei der Verwendung selbstständig einen Nullabgleich durch.

701930 Stromzange 10 MHz / 150 Arms

Bandbreite: DC bis 10 MHz (-3dB)

701931 Stromzange 2 MHz / 500 Arms

Bandbreite: DC bis 2 MHz (-3dB)

701934 Tastkopf-Stromversorgung

Eine Stromversorgung für Strom-Tastköpfe, FET-Tastköpfe, und differentielle Tastköpfe. Eignet sich als Stromversorgung für bis zu vier Tastköpfe, einschließlich großer Strom-Tastköpfe.

B9852MJ Stromversorgungskabel

Das Kabel B9852MJ dient der Stromversorgung der differentiellen Tastköpfe* 700924, 700925 und 701921 über den DL-Stromversorgungsstecker. (Die optionale Tastkopf-Stromversorgung wird zusätzlich benötigt.)
* Das Kabel eignet sich nur für die neueren Tastköpfe 700924, 700925 und 701921 mit dem Hinweis "6VDC oder 9VDC" am Stromversorgungseingang des Tastkopfs.

701936 Deskew Korrektur-Signalquelle

701936 Deskew Korrektur-Signalquelle
Verbessert Schaltverlust-Messungen durch die Kompensation von Laufzeitunterschieden. Die 701936 Deskew Korrektur-Signalquelle eignet sich sowohl für Stromzangen, als auch für nach dem Duchflussprinzip arbeitende Stromwandler des Typs ‘CT'.

701988 (PBL100) Logik-Tastkopf

701988 (PBL100) Logik-Tastkopf

701989 (PBL250) Logik-Tastkopf

Logik-Tastkopf (PBL250)

B9852ES IC-Clip

Die IC-Clips eignen sich zum Anschluss an den Logiktastkopf (701980 oder 701981) oder an Mini-Clips (B9852CR) und ermöglichen eine lückenlose Kontaktierung von Anschlusspins mit 0,5 mm Pitch. Es sind insgesamt 10 Clips enthalten. 

701909 Logic probe accessory kit

Logic probe accessory kit for use with 701989.

700971 Mini clip converter

A clip set designed for 701937, 701938, 701939, 701943 (PB500) and 700939

700972 BNC adapter

For 701937,701938, 701939, 701943 (PB500) and 700939.

701901 1:1 BNC-Sicherheitsadapterleitung

1000 Veff-CAT II, 1,8 m lang
Sicherheit BNC-Stecker auf Sicherheits-Bananenbuchse für einen Einsatz in Kombination mit 701959, 701954, 758921, 758922 oder 758929. 

701906 Lange Klemmprüfspitze

701906 Lange Klemmprüfspitze

701948 Klemmprüfspitze

701948 Klemmprüfspitze
Für isolierte Tastköpfe

701954 Krokodilklemme (Delfin-Typ)

Das Set enthält eine schwarze und eine rote Krokodilklemme. 1000 Vrms-CAT II. 

701975 50 Ohm DC-Block

Diese DC-Sperre erlaubt die Blockierung der DC-Komponenten eines Eingangssignals. Mit dieser Sperre lassen sich Vorspannungen vom Tastkopf PBL5000 fernhalten. 

758921 Kabelschuh-Adapter

Kabelschuh-Adapter für den Anschluss eines 4 mm Bananensteckers. Das Set enthält einen schwarzen und einen roten Kabelschuh
1000 Vrms-CAT II.

758922 Kleine Krokodilklemmen

Spezifiziert für 300 V. Passt zu den Messleitungen 758917. Paarweise erhältlich.

758929 Große Krokodilklemmen

Spezifiziert für 300 V. Passt zu den Messleitungen 758917. Paarweise erhältlich.

758917 Messleitungs-Set

Ein Set mit 0,8 m langen roten und schwarzen Messleitungen für den Einsatz in Kombination mit einem Paar optionaler Krokodilklemmen 758922 oder 758929.

761953 Safety Terminal Adapter Set

Two adapters to a set for 5 A current
(screw-fastened type using B9317WD)

366924 BNC Kabel

Ein 1 m langes BNC-BNC-Kabel (366924)

366973 GO/No-Go Kabel

Dieses Kabel eignet sich für den Anschluss eines externen Geräts, allerdings darf dieses Kabel nur für GO/NO-GO-Anwendungen in den Geräten DL750/1600/1700/1700E/7400 sowie DLM2000- und DLM4000-Serie verwendet werden.

366923 T-Adapter

T-Adapter für BNC-Steckverbinder. Einsatz nur in Schaltungen mit Spannungen bis maximal 42 V. 

366945 Printed circuit board adapter

For 701937, 701938, 701939, 701943 (PB500) and 700939.
Quantity of 1 unit: 10

366946 Solder-in adapter

For 701937,701938, 701939, 701943 (PB500) and 700939 Standard accessories include: Adapter, red wire (3), black wire (3)

758924 Zwischenstecker

Passt zwischen BNC und Bananenstecker-Kupplung

701919 Tastkopf-Halter

Der Tastkopf-Halter ermöglicht durch seinen flexiblen Ausleger und schweren Sockel eine Positionierung und Stabilisierung des Tastkopfes und vereinfacht so den Test von Baugruppen.

B9988AE Drucker-Papier für den DL750, DL850-, DLM2000- und DLM4000-Serie

Qualitäts-Papier für den DL750, DL850-, DLM2000- und DLM4000-Serie.

B8059GG Soft case

Soft Case for Accessories

B8200GD Screw for B8200JQ

Screws for B8200JQ, D-SUB connector

B9852CR Mini-Clip Adapter

Ein Clip-Set speziell für die Tastköpfe 700988, 700960 und 701940. 

B9852HF Zubehörset für den Tastkopf 701941

Das Zubehörset B9852HF enthält folgende elf (11) Zubehörteile: Isolierkappe, IC-Kappe, BNC-Adapter, starre Prüfspitze, Federklemme (Ø: 0,80 mm), Federklemme (Ø: 0,38 mm), Masseklemme, Einstellwerkzeug, Klemmspitze, Standard-Masseleitung, Farbcodierungsringe. PBL5000. 


While accurate rise time measurements have become easier to make, it remains, nonetheless, quite easy to overlook error contributions due to not only the oscilloscope but also the probe. And, while the error contributed by a scope's finite step-response (rise time) is often accounted for, that contributed by the probe is often overlooked.

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The free software DL-GATE can be used for the following products only:DL1700E seriesDL7400 series (firmware version after 1.32)DL1600 series (firmware version after 1.13)DL750 series (firmware version after ...

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    The 4-to-8 channel Yokogawa DLM5000 mixed signal oscilloscope allows users to easily navigate through a wealth of analysis features at the touch of their fingertips.

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