AQ2200-232 Optical Sensor Head (Large diameter detector, 800 to 1700 nm), AQ2200-242 Optical Sensor Head (Large diameter detector, 400 to 1100 nm), AQ2200-202 Interface Module (2-channels)

  • Large-diameter detector for free-space measurement
    5 mm dia. (AQ2200-232), □5.8 mm (AQ2200-242)
  • Multi-core connector and cable measurement
    The AQ9340, AQ9436C and AQ9440C are required.
  • Power range: -90 to +15 dBm (AQ2200-232)
    -90 to +10 dBm (AQ2200-242)
  • Uncertainty: ±1.8% (1310 nm, AQ2200-232)
    ±2.5% (850 nm, AQ2200-242)
  • Averaging time: 100 µm (minimum sampling intervals)
  • Two sensor heads can be connected to the AQ2200-202 Interface module

I/L curve measurement of LD module
The I-L curve, drive current – optical power characteristics, of laser diodes can be measured accurately, quickly and seamlessly.
Because, the single-range power range of the new sensor head is as wide as 30 dB.
It enables to measure signals close to a threshold value at high resolution without changing the gain of amplifier circuit which takes extra time.

Experiment of free space optics
In experiments of free-space optics, optical parts are set on an optical bench or a breadboard, and the adjustment of optical alignment is most time consuming work.
The new optical sensor head is compatible with the 60 mm cage system.
It make it easy to build a optical experiment systems by combining with various cage system parts in the marketplace.


Reduced emission of CO2 about 39% compared to the previous model.(AQ2200-232)
Results of Life Cycle Assessment.

Reduced emission of CO2 about 36% compared to the previous model.(AQ2200-242)
Results of Life Cycle Assessment.


AQ9340 MPO connector adapter

- Applicable connector:
12-fiber or 24-fiber (AQ9340-12)
16-fiber or 32-fiber (AQ9340-16)
- Compatible with both with and without guide pins

AQ9436C Ribbon fiber adapter

- Adapter for a ribbon fiber folder of fusion splicer
- Fiber count: 2, 4, 8 and 12 fibers

AQ9440C MT connector adapter

- Fiber count: 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 fibers

T&M Hausmagazin
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  • HTW
    - Wirkungsgrad-Optimierung
  • Neuheiten
    - Optischer Spektrumanalysator AQ6360
    - Optischer Sensorkopf AQ2200-232
    - CAN FD Monitor-Modul
  • Messtipp
    - Online-Monitoring-Software GA10

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